DIY Rainbow Rope Wall Decor

Rainbows are everywhere aren’t they?! Until we chose a beautiful clouds wallpaper gifted by Rebel Walls for Emmie’s bedroom (full reveal coming soon!) and started looking at accessories I hadn’t fully realised that we were actually onto a ‘trend’. Is that really annoying or really handy? I can’t decide but nevertheless it meant there was lots of inspiration around including the 50th Anniversary edition ‘Rainbow’s End‘ candle gifted by Yankee Candle and of course this beautiful Fibre Art – Rope Rainbow Wall Decor which I decided to DIY and share with you.

Let me first say that this is a fiddly, time consuming and sometimes patience testing DIY (!) but I also found it really therapeutic and incredibly satisfying. It’s a bit like I imagine knitting to be where you can sit and binge on a Netflix box set at the same time – every cloud, right?! (no pun intended)

The beautiful results made the investment in time totally worth it and there’s nothing quite like seeing a homemade creation in all its glory is there? Yes you could buy one but I personally don’t think you can beat something created with love and if you make one yourself you have complete freedom over the size and colour theme.

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If you’d like to have a go at making a Rope Rainbow, read on dear friends! 

DIY Rope Rainbow Wall DecorDIY Rope Rainbow Wall Decor


You will need:

Rope (I used 2.4 metres for five strands and roughly laid it out in the shop to decide on the thickness and amount to choose)

Embroidery thread or wool (think about the effect you want to create. Wool would look more rustic, metallic would add a touch of glam and embroidery thread – my choice – has a sheen to it where the colours really pop)

Bendable wire (keeps the shape)

Scissors (and pliers if your wire is thicker)


Needle and thread or strong clear glue

What to do:

Begin by making the rainbow shape in rope, ensuring it’s the size you want and that there are enough strands for the colours you have. Then cut into pieces.

Next run the wire over each strand and fix with cello tape but bear in mind that you want to end it just before the point where you want the fringing to begin. The cello tape holds the wire in place but the pieces at either end also stop the rope from unraveling any further.

To save time and effort I unravelled the whole thread and doubled it up twice so I had four strands to wrap around the rope. Tie the thread where the cello tape/wire ends and ensure the tail of thread is tucked upwards on the rope so it gets covered as you wrap your thread along the rope. Once complete knot the thread and tuck the tail under the wrapped thread as best you can.

It’s also worth bearing in mind at this stage which will be your front so all of the coloured threads are tied at the back for neatness.

DIY Rope Rainbow Wall Decor DIY Rope Rainbow Wall Decor DIY Rope Rainbow Wall Decor DIY Rope Rainbow Wall Decor DIY Rope Rainbow Wall Decor

After all strands are complete comes my favourite bit! The extremely satisfying task of peeling away the top layer of rope to reveal the fringing underneath.

I wouldn’t cut to size at this stage as I found it best to wait until all strands are stuck together.

My intention was to fix the strands together using a needle and cotton but this would have been extremely time consuming and I was worried about losing the shape of the rainbow. I gambled by using clear all purpose glue which really paid off. 

Next cut the fringing to suit the style you’re going for. I kept mine fairly short and neat but longer more uneven fringing would look great in a rustic environment.

I used wire to create a hook at the back but ribbon or a piece of thread would do the same job.

Et voila! Beautiful DIY Rope Rainbow Wall Decor perfect for any room in the house.

DIY Rope Rainbow Wall Decor DIY Rope Rainbow Wall Decor DIY Rope Rainbow Wall Decor DIY Rope Rainbow Wall Decor

Please share your own DIY with @ohsokel on Instagram and use #OSKinspired as I’d love to see the results!

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‘Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud’ – Maya Angelou

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Thank you to Yankee Candle and Rebel Walls for the gifted products shown.

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