Oh So Kel Launches Luxury Santal Diffuser and Candle

Oh So Kel Launches Luxury Santal Diffuser and Candle Following the success of our signature candle Santal which launched just before Christmas I’m delighted to introduce the co-ordinating Santal luxury diffuser in a larger than average 200ml size, a luxury scent which will offer hours (approximately 5 months) of a soft blissful scent in the home.

The diffuser sits in our sycamore wood tray beautifully alongside our Santal Candle . The oval tray is part of our best-selling Candle Care Kit which also includes a Black Candle Snuffer and Black Wick Trimmer.

An indulgent aromatic woody fragrance with floral, amber and sandalwood undertones, our Santal range evokes the essence of a high end hotel and the complex scent is truly something special.


Top notes: Bergamot, cypress, green leaves and lavender

Middle notes: Violet, lily and jasmine

Base notes: Cedar, amber, sandalwood, musk and suede


Once you’ve removed the plastic stopper from the vessel you’re ready to add the reeds, which are naturally porous and designed to slowly absorb the scent for longevity, so it’s important to be patient at the beginning and follow these steps:

Put the reeds in, flip after 24 hours, then every 48 hours for a week. After this you can then just flip once a week to get the best from your diffuser. This speeds up the saturation rate and gives the scent diffusion a boost.

I hope you love the new addition to the Oh So Kel exclusive collection as much as I do!

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Santal Luxury Diffuser 200ml

Candle Care Kit


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