The Sculptural Home Trend for Spring 2024 is the perfect time for a home refresh that will breathe new life into your rooms without the need for lots of expense. I’ve noticed a huge resurgence in the sculptural home trend for spring 2024 so I wanted to share my take on it along with some other brands who I think are nailing it, plus which pieces from my own homeware collection will help you to achieve the look.

When imagining ‘sculptured’ in the world of interiors, think geometric shapes such as checks and curves in furniture, accessories and fabric. 

I shared my 2024 Design Trend Predictions and Our Own House Moodboards earlier this year and mentioned the lean towards calming neutrals, earthy tones and raw textures. Taking these elements and combining them with sculptured shapes, there’s an opportunity to create some beautiful organic lines that will make a statement whilst keeping your home casual and cosy.

Sculptural Woods 

The traditional side table is making a comeback, either with a lamp or sculptural bowl by the sofa, or as a pedestal in the corner of a room. I’m loving the added detailing of either scalloped edges on the Remi console table by Dunelm and Loama Braided Rattan Console by La Redoute, or bobbin legs on the side table from George at Asda:

Mixing darker and lighter woods into your scheme, such as our hand carved wood chain in white and mango wood dough bowl brings both sculptural and earthy elements together. I love that darker woods such as mango and walnut is coming back and personally love it combined with blonde oak.


Curved and Round Furniture

Round backed dining chairs and bar stools not only offer greater comfort but they also bring welcome curves in contrast to straight lines which dominate most rooms and I’m really impressed with the selection at Daals. I’m also loving oval and round dining tables from their collection too:

I’m also loving round fabric pouffes and tub chairs and plan to have two identical ones in front of the fireplace in our home when it’s renovated. Amber Interiors does this look really well:

amber interiors

The Checkerboard Trend

Traditional checkerboard flooring is having a moment and I’m so excited to be having some in our bootility (from Harvey Maria) and cloakroom (from Tapi), but a really cost effective way of bringing this pattern into your home is through checkerboard throws, rugs or cushions and George at Asda has absolutely nailed it this season with their affordable selection. My personal favourites are the Natural Knitted Checkerboard Blanket , Homemaker Checkerboard Shaggy Rug and Tan Tufted Checkerboard Cushion.

2024 Design Trend Predictions and our own Moodboards

How to create an interior design moodboard

Sculptural Vases and Pots 

I recently launched a Vintage Collection and love how the stoneware ink bottles and antique marmalade jars bring personality, charm and character to any home, either as a sculptural piece on their own or filled with flowers and utensils. Pair vintage textural pieces with modern lines and furniture to create an interesting look that makes your style unique, timeless and individual. 

Natural Materials 

The grey veined round marble tray and trivet along with white marble heart board from my own homeware collection bring welcome shape, form and texture to coffee tables, the kitchen and shelves.  Being wipeable, they’re both practical as well as beautiful.

marble round tray

I’m simply loving everything about the Anthropologie Collection at the moment! They’re nailing the sculptural trend and I particularly love the Sky Marble Table Lamp and Eliana Wooden Rattan Round Wall Mirror.


My own Spring Collection is full of beautiful ceramic bunny ornaments, marble trays, round planters and pots, and glass eggs and bunny ear storage pieces that bring practical yet stunning opportunities for your home styling.


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  1. March 18, 2024 / 11:44 am

    Loving all the neutral tones, and the scalloped edges really gives a softer look. I think regardless of season and trends neutral and natural tones will always be a classic that will carry you through many seasons.

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