Our Air Purified Home One Year On

Our Air Purified Home One Year On

You may remember me sharing how we were actively removing potentially harmful toxins and particles from our home generated every time we cook use cleaning products or play with a pet, by using an eco-friendly (and the world’s most sustainable) air purifier by Briiv.

One year on we’ve moved house to an old 1930’s property which we’re excited to renovate and with this work, along with living in an old property in general, comes a lot of dust and unearthing of old materials.

We changed the filter and moved the purifier with us to the new (old) house. It lives in the kitchen and I must say that as well as having something beautiful in our currently old untouched space it’s really good to know that it’s working hard to pull odours from the air, removing old smells and cleaning the air.

Knowing that briiv is as powerful as 3,043 medium size houseplants is pretty awesome too as I’m not particularly good as keeping real plants alive at home!

Breathe In – Briiv Out with the new Pro version

I’ve been following Briiv since they first announced their product and I waited a fair while before actually getting my hands on one, so I was excited to hear that they’ve been working on a second filter, the Briiv Pro and they’re currently offering 25% off the new Briiv Pro if people sign up now. It’s launching on Kickstarter on November 9th 2023 

Briiv Pro is crafted from a unique blend of waste potato and rice husks, and their filters of naturally dried moss and coconut husks are completely biodegradable at home. It also links together with other Briiv units to create a smart air monitoring system and also uses a unique AI machine learning algorithm, making it the most advanced air quality monitoring system on the planet.

Our original unit is on the left and the pro is on the right:

The filters in Briiv Pro will remove everything from pet dander all the way to fine particulates to ensure your home is clean and healthy, isn’t that incredible?

I hope this has given you food for thought for ensuring you are purifying the air in your own home.

Until next time,

Kel x

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