Bye bye dark brown tiles and HELLO beautiful serene ‘Mellow Green Satin‘ thanks to Ronseal!

This Ronseal One Coat Tile Paint has completely transformed our bathroom to a boho neutral vibe which we absolutely love and better still, we finished the tile painting in one weekend.

A perfect lockdown DIY with incredible quick results.

Check out the before and after!

What I love about the Mellow Green colour is that it’s neither pale pastel nor olive green, it’s somewhere in between which gives that really warm serene feel to it. It’s also really versatile with other colours and textures…I paired it with a neutral abstract face wallpaper, light wood, muted gold and boho touches such as the cream pampas grass vase and wooden beads hung from the rattan unit, but I can also imagine it working with bright aqua blue and funky geometric patterns or hints of soft blush pink. I may even bring in blush pink towels when I fancy a change next year!

In terms of getting the best finish here are some top tips based on our experience:

  • We made sure the tiles were fully clean and dry
  • Decorator’s Tape was our friend around the edges
  • We got better results using a small foam roller than a brush (we tested both)
  • Two thin coats rather than one thick coat gave a better finish (we tested both)
  • Make sure the first coat is fully dry before applying the second. By the time we’d done one coat the first section was dry and ready for the second.
  • A white grout pen was better than using white tile paint (we chose to use Ronseal One Coat Tile Paint in White to cover the brown tiles on the windowsill so tried it for the grouting using a thin artist brush and you’d need an incredibly steady hand and lots of patience using this method!)

Needless to say we’re pretty darn chuffed with this weekend makeover!


Thank you to Ronseal for sponsoring this post which gave us our beautiful boho neutral bathroom makeover.

Until next time,

Kel x


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