Animal Print Pastel Halloween DecorAnimal Print Pastel Halloween Decor

Animal Print Pastel Halloween Decor

Yup, you read it right, Animal Print Pastel Halloween Decor! I may be loosing my marbles but since I love animal print and adore pastels, I thought WHY NOT?!

And yup, I also mummified our garden flamingoes in another example of how Halloween has clearly sent me a bit over the edge. Full moon perhaps?

Anyhoo, if you’d like to join me on the crazy animal print pastel halloween decor thing (will this take off do you think?) here’s how we did it…

Using our pretty mint playhouse (try Wayfair for similar) as the backdrop we used lots of cobweb to get the spooky look started, then draped a black halloween tablecloth from Poundland and Dalmatian dot fabric from Emmie’s Swan Lake Soiree for added interest (and a subtle animal print addition).

Next we added our Chic Halloween Pictures that cost absolutely nothing (read how here) – don’t you just love the ‘RING IF YOU DARE’ addition to the door?! I fell in love with a ‘SUP WITCHES doormat while pulling together my BOOTIFUL Halloween Decor post from items at Etsy which inspired the other one and the blush animal print wallpaper samples were left from our Safari Chic Guest Bedroom planning.

Animal Print Pastel Halloween DecorDIY Chic Halloween Pictures that cost nothing!

We spray painted some Poundland plastic halloween decorations in rose gold to add some pastel chic metallic details and also used the spray paint for our carve free pumpkin decorating (5 easy carve free pumpkin ideas can be found here).

Throw in our mummified garden flamingoes plus white basket lantern (as seen in our Boho Pampas Grass Wedding Shoot) and there you have ideas for animal print pastel halloween decor!

My outfit (excluding the hat!) which included the most amazing leopard print maxi skirt was gifted from Boden as part of an ongoing partnership with them. Check out the link in my Instagram bio as I’m often able to offer a 20% off discount including free delivery and returns.

DIY Chic Halloween Pictures that cost nothing!Animal Print Pastel Halloween DecorAnimal Print Pastel Halloween DecorAnimal Print Pastel Halloween Decor

I hope this has given you some inspiration for moving away from the usual halloween decor. You can also check out our Creepy Crawly Chic Halloween Table and Day of the Dead Party for more halloween ideas.

If you create anything after reading this post please do tag me on Instagram as I’d love to see it!

Until next time,

Kel x

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Animal Print Pastel Halloween DecorAnimal Print Pastel Halloween DecorLeopard print pumpkinDIY Chic Halloween Pictures that cost nothing!


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