When Should You Put Up Your Christmas Tree?

It’s that time of year when major retailers launch their Christmas campaigns, we all tear up over their commercials and it’s hard to go to any shop without seeing festive gift ideas or decorations. It’s pretty hard to avoid the reminder that the best season of the year is upon us isn’t it?!

So when is the right time to put up your Christmas tree and all the trimmings that bring festive magic into your home?

I personally don’t think there is one right time as there are lots of outside factors that come into play. It’s purely down to the individual household and their beliefs, traditions and tree of choice for example…


For those who deem advent to be important, Christmas trees are put up at the beginning of advent which falls on the fourth Sunday before Christmas (Sunday 3rd December this year), or for those who love the 12 days of Christmas tradition, 13th December would be the favoured date. 


Being in the Interior Styling and Homeware business and having a growing instagram pages (@ohsokel for inspiration from our own home and @osk_living for inspiration on how to style my homeware collection), I’ve noticed a lot of people transitioning from Autumn and Halloween Decor (a lot more celebrated in the UK in recent years), straight into Christmas. My feed is already full of people sharing their Christmas decorations! 

This has brought the more traditional date of putting up the tree and decorations on 1st December forward to 1st November because households want to carry on the joy and excitement that comes with having decorations in the home. 

I have in fact launched my own Christmas Collection earlier than in previous years in order to keep up with the larger retailers and be able to offer my festive homeware to those who can’t wait to decorate early. There’s no denying it brings that warm indescribable fuzzy feeling you get that makes you feel happy inside.


Too early for some, but many will argue that if putting up your decorations in November makes you happy then why not enjoy them for longer?! It also takes the pressure off this element of Christmas, giving more time to enjoy the season, prepare for the big day (especially if you’re hosting!) and purchase/wrap gifts for loved ones. 

Even psychologists agree that putting up Christmas decorations early can produce happy emotions so who are we to argue?!


For those wishing to use a real Christmas tree 1st December tends to be the earliest date or it won’t last the full duration, and no-one wants a dead tree in the corner of their idyllic room on 25th December do they?! For practical purposes around the second week in December is recommended for a real tree.

If you’d rather go early and invest in a beautiful faux tree, I’ve recently discovered a brand that has literally everything you could need for the home including outdoor furniture, home furniture, building supplies , toys and even garden fencing, so I’ll be scouring their website when we renovate the house next year! They also have a large collection of Christmas trees, Christmas decorations and even a Christmas tree arch which is a unique idea.

So when Should You Put Up Your Christmas Tree? Whenever you decide it’s the right time for you and your household!

Wishing you a wonderful festive season.



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