Timeless Style Decor

What does ‘Timeless Style’ in decor mean?

To me, timeless style in decor means an interior scheme or piece of furniture that stands the test of time; it stands strong through all the trends that come and go without ever looking outdated. It always looks current and fresh no matter how old or new it is and has material that is built to last.

When making decisions about large investment pieces I think it’s always worth considering whether it’s ‘functional’, ‘simple’ and  ‘timeless’ so you don’t get bored of it too quickly or think it needs to be updated only a few years later. That’s why I love choosing neutral timeless colours and simple styles for my bigger household purchases; I’ve found that they’re more versatile when it comes to switching around accessories and introducing colour or pattern. Timeless pieces aren’t over the top and seem to adjust well to other styles which can make it really interesting and exciting when pulling a scheme together; old or new, quirky or simple all work well provided there’s the right balance.

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For example, I love adding eclectic accessories, different textures, boho elements and pastels to my home, and all of these aesthetics seem to work well against timeless furniture. Take our living room as an example…

What is timeless about our home?

I love our living room as I find it welcoming and warm, unfussy yet interesting. There are classic touches like the studded detail on the coffee table, the sofa is simple and well made, there are predominantly clean lines, the wall colour is neutral and neither old fashioned nor fashionable and the quality jute rug introduces natural fibres. Over the years I’ve introduced the Pantone Colour of the Year ‘Ultra Violet’, boho touches and other styles, all though accessories alone, but the furniture and foundation of the room has remained the same.

In our kitchen we’ve chosen a neutral backdrop and practical, natural looking materials such as the marble quartz worktop and oak floor tiles with shaker cabinetry, all of which I consider to be timeless. Every now and then I simply mix things up a bit by changing the cushions in our banquette seating area or by adding new accessories in a different style or colour to freshen it up. Often I don’t even buy new, I simply rotate them around the house as all our rooms are pretty neutral!


It’s not only timeless but it’s also the cheapest way of keeping your home looking consistently fresh!

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I’ve written this post as part of a Habitat competition to win a sofa of my dreams because I’d love a timeless luxury piece for our family room. I have really enjoyed taking the time to consider what ‘Timeless Style’ in decor means to me and I hope it’s sparked thoughts for what it means to you too!

Until next time,

Kel x

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