Trending Home Decor Colours For 2022


Photo credit: Terje Sollie

Home designers and decorators are excited to delve into the new colours and patterns of 2022. Designing rooms with calming neutrals and bright hues to restore, refresh and revitalise our homes is a welcome start to an optimistic outlook for this year. 


If there is one thing we all learned in the past year it’s to expect the unexpected. We are finding ways to stretch our budgets in every area of life. This includes home decorating. There is an interesting article by Lottoland that features an award-winning designer who is an expert at making the most modest homes look chic and expensive on a budget.

Farrow & Ball  

Farrow & Ball is a leading British paint manufacturer. The company was founded in 1946 and is well known for its historical paint colours and professional decorating advice. They are well-known for the unique names they assign their paints.

Farrow & Ball advises going with calming colours in 2022 and clean-line designs. You can make a beautiful statement with your room with the balance of rich colour walls and trim. 


Photo credit: Level 23 Media

One trending colour to expect to see a lot of in 2022 is Farrow & Ball, Babpuche No. 223. This is a sunny, golden yellow named after the colour of men’s leather slippers worn in Morocco. The yellow is not overpowering, and it gives a comfortable feel to any room. Use Babouche No. 223 on walls, and trim them in white for a perfect dark-on-light look. 

You will also see recommendations from Farrow & Ball for “School House White.” This is a muted, off-white to brighten a dark area. Trim it with a timeless bright white. This makes an excellent backdrop for your framed fabric crafts, dark paintings, and soft lights. This design will look charming, even in a tiny room or a breakfast nook.

Other colours recommended for 2022 include Lulworth blue. This lighter hue of blue gives the calming effect we are looking for. Browse their site for lovely shades of gray and green. Feel free to do the reverse for a chic look. Paint your walls white, eggshell, or off-white and trim them in colours.