When we renovated our kitchen we knew we had to make the right decision on flooring because it was going to run through the whole of the ground floor. Five years on we’re still really happy with our choice of Amtico flooring UK so I’m delighted to share their article to help you make the right choices for your home:

A Unique Look for Your Kitchen Space

Most of us like to be alone when we are preparing meals – throwing everyone out so you can concentrate with all the space required to sculpt a meal out of the ingredients.

Then after all is finished and devoured, you tend to get left with the clean up too, and there is nothing worse than breaking out that mop to get your floor free of all those dropped and spilt foods and liquids.

That floor tends to be the last thing on a busy clean up schedule, but it could be much easier by changing the type from your old floor to a luxury wood effect vinyl flooring.

Oh No – Not Vinyl!

First of all, we get it – we remember how flimsy a product vinyl used to be. Layering our grandparents’ floor and seeming very cheap and tacky.

The good news is that vinyl has not only been rigorously redeveloped over the years, but it has also now overtaken almost all flooring products to become the number one choice for interior designers all over the world.

Vinyl is extremely durable and reinforced in today’s product to reflect the various risks posed by all kinds of flooring. Ceramic tiles can crack, real hardwood can splinter and carpet can stain and fade, but vinyl flooring manufacturers didn’t sit idly by whilst everyone was recommending cures, they incorporated safeguards from each into their product.

Durable and Comfortable

With luxury vinyl tile, you face a flooring option that does not crack and even if you do need to replace an individual tile for any reason, you save on money and time due to the ease of both.

The many ranges within lowest price amtico flooring, such as Amtico Signature or Spacia ranges, provide natural comfort underfoot from cushioning and when lined up with underfloor heating it can insulate a genuine warmth throughout the entire home without any tiles raising due to temperature change.

Easy to Clean

After a long day of slaving over the kitchen worktops, cleaning that floor can be an expensive ordeal. Collecting those vast differing cleaning products to remove the food, drink and marks from your shoes results in many hours on your hands and knees within a week.

The cheapest Amtico flooring UK is an incredibly easy product to clean and keep in top condition, where a simple sweep, vacuum and mop with warm soapy water can do all of the work.

Be sure not to soak the floor as it could do some long term damage and ruin the warranty, but already you are saving so much time and energy that can be used with your family, not with your cleaning products.

Changing your flooring to luxury wood effect vinyl flooring provides a great bit of reassurance when making a creative meal.

Here are some more shots of our kitchen along with some promotional images from Amtico:


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