Did you know that March is National Bed Month, with World Sleep Day on the 18th?

There’s literally no better feeling than waking up fresh as a daisy after a fabulous sleep is there?! Personally, I’m noticeably happier, I have more energy, I can think clearer and I feel like an all round better person. My mental as well as physical health really suffers if I’m sleep deprived and I have to be honest, I’m grumpier around my family, sluggish, make ‘comfort’ food choices and find it harder to make decisions for my business.

Since having children I’m a lighter sleeper and I’ve suffered with back pain so when TEMPUR® (ad) got in touch about promoting the benefits of sleep and offered to send me one of their pillows I jumped at the chance to improve my sleep and be more comfortable at night.


When it comes to mattresses and pillows, TEMPUR® is in a league of its own. Would you believe it that the materials in each of the mattress and pillow they create is actually taken from an original invention by NASA for its pressure relieving properties, and is the only mattress and pillow officially recognised by NASA for improving quality of life?

It’s the original memory foam but no other memory foam is TEMPUR® mattress material, which is used to make mattresses and pillows that evenly distribute weight and pressure, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. Its proven pressure relief gives your body total comfort and support, reducing tossing and turning and absorbing motion from your partner so you are less likely to disturb one another. Given that I’m 5ft1 and my husband is 6ft1, this is extremely beneficial!

Since receiving my new pillow it’s honestly been a game changer, so much so that we ordered another for my husband and I cancelled my appointment for injections to relieve my back pain. Long may that continue.

How TEMPUR® Material works is complex, but what it does is simple: it helps you to get a great night’s sleep.


  • It can boost your immune system
  • It helps to give you energy to fight off junk food cravings
  • It allows your heart to rest and in turn can strengthen it
  • It improves your mood, reading to more happiness
  • It can make you more productive and improve concentration levels
  • It can improve memory

“Consistent sleep of seven hours a night is what’s recommend for adults just for daytime functioning—being on task, being alert for the day and being able to concentrate and not be so moody and tired during the day,” says Dr. Kohler, specialist in sleep medicine.


As well as ensuring we have the right pillows and mattress for us, I personally try to leave my mobile phone downstairs to avoid temptation of being on a screen when I go to bed. I notice a huge difference when doing this in comparison to ‘just looking at…..’ before I go to sleep.

I love my Lavender and Chamomile Pillow Spray as it makes me feel relaxed.

I naturally drift off to sleep when I’m reading a book or listening to a dreamscape meditation.

I hope this post on the benefits of sleep has give you some inspiration on improving your own. Sweet dreams!

Kel x

This post is in conjunction with TEMPUR® but all thoughts are my own.


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