We haven’t quite reached the extravagance of Halloween celebrations across the globe, but year on year this festival is growing here in the UK and many of us are choosing to run with the opportunity to have lots of fun with it.

Equally, for a once a year thing it makes sense to think creatively and use items you already have around the house so the costs don’t spiral out of control.

Here are some spookily simple suggestions for hosting a horribly good halloween party on a budget…

– Black garden membrane sheets

are your best friend when creating a moody backdrop on a budget as you can reuse it for other things, including the garden projects it’s intended for. It’s also thin and lightweight so you can easily staple sheets together to make bigger pieces or hang it up with little worry. (See our party tent post here)

– Glow in the dark cobweb is another budget friendly but big impact decor option as each pack goes a long way.

– Think of theming beyond the usual ghosts and ghoulies, particularly if you’ve got children attending who are easily scared or if you’re after a more classy affair. The Day of the Dead (check out the full party details here) is a particularly good theme because it’s centred around celebration and you can have so much fun with bright vibrant flowers that can be reused around the house or for other parties.

– On the subject of making halloween parties pretty, who’s to say you can’t get the Christmas fairy lights out of the loft a month early? If you’re turning your house lights off to aid the atmosphere, fairy lights are the perfect addition.

– A Photo BOOth (see what we did there?!) is a wonderful way of capturing the fun your guests are having and creates another memorable touch. Simply set up a backdrop with a bucket full of props next to it, which could be your old halloween costumes or a sign to hold up. (check out the full post here)

– You can have so much fun with the party food, like having Rice Krispy cakes drizzled in red icing for brain treats or making lollipop ghosts by simply covering lollipops with tissue paper, tying at the top of the stick and drawing eyes on.

– Instead of dreaming up a variety of themed drinks and cocktails that could dent the bank balance, simply draw fiendish faces on plastic cups with a Sharpie pen and fill with normal drinks. It’s a great creative job for the kids and the cups can also double up as snack pots.

– There are so many fun songs to create the perfect spooky soundtrack including Thriller, Timewarp, Ghostbusters and The Monster Mash to name a few. If you’ve got the Spotify App there are pre-made lists to save you the job.

– Be candle aware and use battery operated lights where possible, particularly in places where costumes could get caught.

There are loads more Halloween ideas on my Pinterest board:


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