Simple Interior Design Tips That Will Help You Maximise Space

Making the most out of your space at home can be a challenge, especially when you consider that the average UK home is about 44% smaller than 100 years ago! I know all about that, being in a new build where we’re all crammed in together!

So, when planning interior design I always think about furniture and fixtures that will complement the existing space. In ‘What is Timeless Style in Décor?’ I suggested considering simple and functional elements for your home. Apart from being timeless, they will also help you maximise your space.

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Here are a few more ideas to help you maximise all the space at your disposal…

Vertical Storage

Be creative when considering the best use of existing space, like tall cabinets and floor to ceiling storage solutions that incorporate multiple levels of shelving upwards.

This is particularly relevant for small kitchens where space is very valuable and most kitchens have nooks and crannies that can be used for additional storage. These are perfect for floor to ceiling cabinets to be used as a pantry.

The spaces above your fridge and kitchen cupboards are also often underutilised, so think about creating sections to store seldom-used kitchen appliances to help you maximise space by decluttering. In our new kitchen remodel we created a banquette seating area with lift up seats and behind it a whole heap of storage cupboards (one of which is a coffee station)!

Built in floor to ceiling storage in bedrooms are a great space saver and if you include mirrors on the doors you not only have a practical storage solution but you also create the illusion of more space and you don’t have to find space elsewhere for a mirror.

Mirror Image

When positioned in the right place mirrors can make your small space feel brighter and bigger.

The way mirrors reflect and repeat the space in front adds depth to create a bigger and more spacious room. Floor to ceiling mirrors are perfect for opening up small spaces as they create the illusion of double the space.

Behind our sofa we actually stuck individual square tiles to the wall to save buying a really expensive big one.

Think about placing a mirror strategically to act as a centrepiece to deflect sight lines from cluttered areas, or opposite a window to make the most of the reflections to naturally brighten a dark room.

Scale Down Your Furniture

A large sofa in a small space can eat up a lot of space and make your home seem even smaller so think carefully when making your choice on such a large expensive item in your home, plus any property with a narrow doorway might not even be able to fit pieces such as a huge sofa through it.

Sofas on legs where you can see the floor underneath gives the illusion of space

A folding dining table will have a minimal footprint but will expand to provide extra seating when guests come over. Consider a round table that extends to oval in favour of a rectangular one where pointed corners could be a hazard in small spaces.

Be resourceful 

Bedside tables can be pretty bulky. Consider using a chair as a side table (this uses the same trick as having a sofa with legs to give the impression of more space) or add a floating wall shelf instead.

Wall sconce lights are a great alternative to the classic table lamps

Go multi-functional 

A great way to maximise space is to invest in a sofa that doubles up as a bed like in our family room which is great for big family gatherings like Christmas! In a studio space, having a day bed could double up as a sofa and somewhere to sleep or doing this in a guest room could also free up space for an office or hobby area

Multi-functional design can extend to your coffee table too where choosing an ottoman design acts as additional storage space and seating when you have guests over. Alternatively, choose a coffee table that has a shelf underneath to store books.

Mount your TV

Mounting your tv on the wall can be a huge space saver as it negates the need for a bulky unit for it to sit on. As much as I’m not a huge fan of making tvs the focal point of a room (as you’ll see in our updated family room) in small spaces it can be a wise decision to mount the tv above your fireplace, otherwise it can be tricky to fit the tv in to the room.

Alternatively, have the tv on a unit and build storage around it like we’ve done in our lounge.

I hope you’ve found these simple interior tips that will help you maximise your space useful.

Until next time,

Kel x


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