Does anyone else love gallery walls? On my Pinterest boards I’ve saved a fair few examples; some structured, some playful, some eclectic, some uniform, depending on the type of room and the desired look.

I love how things you have lying around the house can be framed to create a gorgeous display for your walls, which is what I’ve done in our downstairs cloakroom (this seems more polite than loo or toilet, but we don’t keep cloaks in there so I’m not really sure what to call it?!) for just the cost of the frames by using an old desk calendar.

Most of us have them right? Why throw such pretty designs into the recycling at the end of the year when you can enjoy them forever? Personalised family ones offer a prime opportunity to create a photo gallery and those inspirational quote versions could continue to inspire.

If you’ve gone all digital and no longer have printed calendars in your household how about framing leftover or sample wallpaper? These designs from Next would look great framed in a collection:

For more inspiration on gallery walls check out my Pinterest board: