Photography: Kelly Harmer

Welcome to a RAWR-ing dinosaur party for a gorgeous boy’s 4th birthday. Isn’t it tricera-licious?!

Our friends hosted this party for their son’s birthday and it was truly special how all the family pulled together to contribute their own DIYs, including a T-Rex watermelon fruit platter, dino sandwiches (created with a cookie cutter), dino feet running across the ceiling, homemade cake and ‘feed the T-Rex’ game.

Something else special happened for me personally too…the birthday boy’s mum said how she’d been inspired to think more about his party decor after following Oh So Kel. This is the very reason I set up this site so to hear that meant a lot to me and has spurred me to continue designing, creating and inspiring.

I had the pleasure of setting up the DIY donut wall as featured in Isla’s Ice Cream and Slime Party,this time with a jungle and party hat-wearing dinosaurs! (the DIY for the hats can befound here)

I styled the table backdrop using our trusted hessian sacks as used in our Boho Fiesta and Party Animals Shoot and beige netting which was handy for attaching the gold RAWR letters, dinosaur balloon and greenery.

For more dinosaur party inspiration you can check out my Pinterest board.


Instagram if you create something after seeing this post. I’d love to see the results!

Until next time,

OSK xx

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