Let me put it out there, I have a ‘thing’ for pom poms and love how they can be used in so many projects. An early memory of wanting to share my love for creating things is showing my primary school class how to make pom poms using two pieces of donut shaped card back to back. These plastic pom pom makers are effectively the same thing but slightly more sophisticated and they don’t bend like the card does, but either option would work. The larger the pom pom maker, the larger your pom pom will be.

First you need to wind the wool around one half of the pom pom maker then continue it across to the other half until it’s all covered. If you’re using 2 pieces of donut shaped card together you’ll simply wind the wool around the whole donut.

Next you need to very carefully cut the wool between the two donuts. Depending on how thick the wool and how sharp your tool, you may need a scalpel over scissors.

Once you’ve cut all the way around you need another piece of string to run through the middle and tie in a knot to secure all of your cut strands of wool in place.

Then you can remove your pom pom maker or card donut.

I love them in Christmas decor including on presents, attached to woven baskets, and also strung together to make door hangers.

Please tag @ohsokel and use #OSKinspired on Instagram if you create something after seeing this post. I’d love to see the results!

Until next time,

OSK xx

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