Pink Christmas Winter Wonderland Party

Now I love a classically styled party theme as much as the next person, but I also love an unashamedly pink girlie one where you throw everything at it just because you can! This pink winter wonderland has it all; diy faux fur letters, jaw droppingly gorgeous cakes and cookies, perfect printables, diy sprinkles-topped cups with retro straws, diy paper cone trees complete with pom poms, plus bells, pearls, paper tassels, feather boas, tulle and silver sequinned fabric. See, I told you we threw everything at it, ha ha!

The backdrop

I’m a little bit in love with pinks and white together. It’s crisp, playful, feminine and works brilliantly when lots of different textures are introduced, which is why I covered cardboard SNOW letters in faux fur (read more here). Set against a pink background with white paper snowflakes and a garland created by attaching paper tassels to a feather boa, this set up was the perfect backdrop to show off the pink winter wonderland theme.

The Table

The table was adorned with cute little DIY paper tree cones of varying heights and sizes (read more here), scattered around pearl strings, pom poms, silver bells, and the most beautiful cake and cookies you’ve ever seen! Clear plastic baubles used for our mermaid party were filled with iridescent sequins on elastic and were the perfect snowballs with no melting in sight.


My amazing friends at Sprinkled Designs provided the printables, which can be found in their Etsy shop. ‘She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes’ in an Ikea frame was the perfect addition and our girls have one in each of their bedrooms too!

Every party needs sweet treats right? I have to confess to letting our girls have these before the savoury, but it is Christmas after all!

‘I love you snow much’ printables were added underneath clear acrylic tablemats to let our guests know just how special they are.


Isn’t this the most beautiful collection of cakes and cookies you’ve ever seen?! They were provided by the super talented Angel’s Kitchen in Somerset UK and the details are simply divine. The hanging tree cookies attached to the bottom of the cake stand are a beautiful touch amongst the tree cone and snowball forest.

The cupcakes went down a treat, particularly when guests found the hidden raspberry jam inside, and the cute little angel and tree cookies were the perfect accompaniment to the milk drinks (and fizz for the parents!).

Snowflake quesadillas were made by heating oil in a pan then adding a tortilla, grated cheese and another tortilla on top. Once brown, the tortillas were flipped then removed and cut using a snowflake cookie cutter.


The children enjoyed milk in DIY sprinkles-topped cups (read more here) with retro straws. And as if they hadn’t had enough sugar already (thank goodness it’s Christmas!) they licked the sprinkles off!

The party was predominantly for our little angels but its always lovely to treat the parents too! They enjoyed some fizz in these DIY sprayed bottles (read more here)

Cheers to everyone and Happy Holidays!

For more inspiration on kids’ Christmas parties check out my Pinterest board.

Until next time,

Kel x

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