2020 Decor Suggestions According to your Horoscope
2020 Decor Suggestions According to your Horoscope

With the new year in full swing (how did that happen?!) now tends to be the time for a lot of people to consider plans and changes which often include home updates, but have you ever considered decorating according to your star sign? Many people believe that doing this ensures their living space is filled with pieces that are kindred to them and their personality so if you fancy trying it out, these new year decor suggestions according to your horoscope are for you!
I’ve teamed up with Wayfair for their Homeware Horoscope campaign where each star sign comes with its own pro astrologer approved advice and recommendations for updating your decor. How cool is that?! Read on for yours peeps!

I’m an Aquarian and I have to say the description was bang on, particularly that we ‘like to think outside the box when it comes to interior and homeware’ and to ‘look for pieces that are unique and abstract such as a geometric wall art or Wayfair art deco vase.’ We’ve recently updated our family room with items predominantly from Wayfair (some gifted, some paid for) which included this beautiful round gold mirror above the fireplace, abstract rug, Art Deco style coffee table and blush pink chair, along with the most beautiful jar I’ve ever owned. Isn’t it divine?! It certainly has the art deco vibe as my horoscope suggested!

2020 Decor Suggestions According to your Horoscope2020 Decor Suggestions According to your Horoscope2020 Decor Suggestions According to your Horoscope2020 Decor Suggestions According to your Horoscope
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Regardless of how you feel about the power of astrology it’s always nice to be inspired with ideas to help you create a beautiful home, so here are the recommendations for each star sign:

ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Natural born leaders with a burning curiosity to try new things, Aries are enthusiastic when it comes to interior design and love to start with a blank canvas and then journey their way through trends. Your impulsive nature means that storage space like shelving is critical, as you lose interest in a new hobby pretty fast. Adding bursts of gold, yellow and crimson helps stimulate your creative mind and fiery personality. That being said, hanging a motivational quote or two helps remind you of your goals to win big in 2020.

TAURUS (Apr 20 – May 20)

A true Taurus appreciates the finer things in life and where better to show off your taste for lavish décor than at home? A sign who loves to add indulgent fabrics wherever possible, from cushions and throws to a dreamy velvet sofa, all tied in with a few eclectic artworks and elegant lighting. Admit it, you are also slightly obsessed with earthy colours and stepping into your home is like walking into a botanical oasis. With the motto ‘you can never have too many house plants’, investing in a fancy new vase or chic plant pots might be worthwhile for the new year.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

The social butterfly of the zodiac, you’re constantly in two minds when it comes to interior design and décor, so anything versatile like an extendable dining table is a must-buy for 2020. For a Gemini like you, communication and information are everything, so start filling that new bookshelf with books, guides and journals and placing it proudly in your hall or living room. An air sign who needs light, bright open spaces that are ideal for entertaining; imagine a floor length mirror, various ottomans and a corner sofa big enough for multiple guests as your new year investments.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

What’s a Cancer’s favourite word? Cosy. The true homebody of the zodiac, you’ll go out of your way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for family and friends, whether that’s by serving home-cooked meals in your matching cookware sets or decorating with scatter cushions, snug blankets and natural fabrics. We may be heading into a new year, but you’re nostalgic and that’s ok. Continue decorating your interior with old-school nautical motifs, and maybe even add that sea-toned cocktail chair you’ve been yearning for.

LEO (July 23 – Aug 22)

For a Leo, your home is your castle and nothing says ‘let it reign’ like a huge fireplace located in the beating heart of your home – the living room. A fire sign who loves a good social gathering, your home is adorned with bright colours: orange, red and plum, and accented with a few gold accessories like frames, cushions and lighting. For those who are Leo-born, there’s no such thing as too much animal print, so make 2020 your year to go wild and lay down that leopard print rug you’ve been pining for.

VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

‘The art of perfection’ is your mantra when it comes to home décor. As a Virgo, your minimalistic tastes make you the epitome of Zen and your home reflects that. Preferring neat and practical pieces like a serving cart or tall coat rack, your home and interior is well-kept, well-organised and well, pet-friendly. Your caring nature means you’re more likely to be a pet owner so you might want to browse the pet section as 2020 will be the year a four-legged friend becomes part of the family.

LIBRA (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Considered the most artsy and sophisticated of the zodiac, a Libra-born’s home is a thing of beauty accented with candles, art and fresh flowers. Decorated in a colour palette of champagne pinks, soft blues and greys, enter a Libra’s boudoir and you’ll find either a classic king (or queen) sized bed, elegant chandelier or spacious wardrobe. As far as 2020 goes, why not invest in all three?

SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

As a Scorpio, nothing has more value than your privacy, and each nook and cranny in your home holds a deep secret. For the new year, trade in your old dressing table for something more gothic with hidden compartments or hang sheer curtains around your bed and enhance the mystery. And yes, whilst a Scorpio-born can be a bit secretive, your passionate nature often shines through with sensual candles, satin sheets and a fully-stocked bar.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

As a Sagittarius, your home décor reflects your sense of wanderlust. Filled with trinkets and treasures from your time spent trotting across the globe, in 2020 make time to show off your souvenirs by finally hanging those shelves and framing your many photos. For you, it’s all about bringing your love for the outdoors in so go crazy and mix ‘n’ match both real and artificial plants, they’ll go great with your Moroccan-style carpet and travel-inspired furniture.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

The patriarchal figure of the zodiac, when it comes to interiors Capricorns are huge fans of structure, organisation and timelessness. Valued for your hard-work ethic and ambition, Capricorns favour furniture that lasts like a well-crafted antique, and never skip out on quality. For 2020, invest in a grand desk with multiple compartments or a towering bookshelf for your home office. When you’re not busy working, Capricorns crave home comforts, so that leather sofa you’ve had your eye on… it’s soon to be yours.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Aquarians like to think outside the box when it comes to interior and homeware. Choosing high-tech as well as anything eco-friendly, it’s the details and quirks that count for this sign. In the new year, look for pieces that are unique and abstract such as a geometric print or art deco vase. Those who are Aquarian-born tend to skirt over the antiques and fill their home with chrome hardware, glass and any other shiny, new material out there. Armed with the latest home gadgets, 2020 is time to invest in smart tech for your kitchen and living room.

PISCES (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

A space where you’re able to retreat and recharge your batteries, home for Pisceans is calm and tranquil much like your water element. In 2020, consider purchasing a chaise longue or that home aquarium you keep coming back to. Forever lusting after a Zen-like atmosphere, Pisces-born should furnish their interior with soft lighting and natural bedding and textiles, such as linen sheets and throw pillows, making sure that the Buddha figurine is visible at all times.

What’s the verdict on our new year decor suggestions according to your horoscope? Have the descriptions and pieces for your star sign hit the spot? Let me know in the comments below!
Wishing you a harmonious 2020.
Kel x
Thank you to Wayfair for gifting the mirror, vase and chair.
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