If you’re looking for a quick and easy but totally delicious starter that can be prepared before your guests arrive, this melon and chorizo on rocket with a honey and balsamic jus has to be a winner. It’s an alternative to the melon and parma ham combo whilst maintaining the winning formula of salty with sweet flavours.

As my hubby generally cooks the main course and I do the table decorating, drinks and starter, I try to choose a starter that can be prepped in advance so I’m not getting under his feet in the kitchen. You could say this starter enables a happier domestic environment as well as being delicious. Double winner!

All you need is:

Melon (one melon will serve approximately 8 people depending on portion size)

Diced chorizo

Balsamic vinegar


Rocket leaves

I cooked the diced chorizo in oil a couple of hours in advance then placed it on kitchen roll to soak up any excess oil.

You could also make the jus in advance which is made by simply stirring honey into balsamic vinegar. You can adjust the quantities depending on how sweet you want it to be but I used equal of both.

Next cut the melon into wedges and place on some rocket leaves, then simply add the chorizo and drizzle the jus over the top.

Then serve! I personally love it on crisp white crockery and you can find a wonderful choice here.

We have chosen this starter in winter and in summer because it works well as a light starter before a heavy hearty meal and is deliciously fresh and cleansing during the hotter months.

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Until next time,

OSK xx

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