Have you ever dreamed of owning a real statement piece of art in your home that hasn’t come off the shelf with thousands of others? One that you’ll keep, cherish and pass down to your children?

I have but never thought it possible and now thanks to an incredible concept by LUMAS they are making the experience accessible for all. Plus I have 15% off all LUMAS editions; valid online and in their galleries from November 2 – 19 2020 using code LU15KEL

There’s something so special and decadent about owning a limited edition piece of art and it’s now possible!

As seen in Vogue and Elle Decoration LUMAS is all about art being for everyone, making top quality photo art attainable. LUMAS offers limited edition photo prints of a defined print run which will never be increased. Each are hand-signed by the artist which authenticates the piece and increases its value on the art market. 

Writing this I’m aware of just how lucky and beyond happy I am to have the opportunity to work with such an innovative brand and choose a piece from the collection for my own home. Eeeeeeek!

MY CHOICE – ‘Beach’ by Felipe Bedoya

Given that our banquette wall is pretty plain in comparison to the rest of the kitchen which is inspired by the tropical decor we loved so much in Florida, I decided to choose a piece that was full of colour, personality and escapsim. “Beach” by Felipe Bedoya in 60×95 was the perfect pairing and I just love how it transports me to the colourful vivacity of the landscape. 

It’s mounted under acrylic glass and is a signed limited edition of 100 from Bedoya’s 2017/18 Beach series, which takes us to coastal Colombia where he has rearranged elements of the picture, carefully positioning individual people to create one beautifully composed work of art full of colourful beach accessories and garments against the bright sand. It radiates cheerful lightness don’t you think?

As well as the signature the piece also includes the original creation date, production date, edition number, and print number and I just love how this combined with the beautiful story telling of Bedoya’s home country in his work makes this precious piece of art on my wall a part of his history.


Art is invaluable. That said, LUMAS wants to make it available for a fair price and together with their artists, figure out the individual value of every Limited Edition. They take into account how well-known the artist is, the importance of the piece, and the artwork’s size and print run. Their relatively large print runs enable Limited Edition prices starting at €300. Open Editions start at €79.

Limited Editions are not available forever. The higher the demand, the lower the supply, increasing the value of the piece. When 50% of a print run has been sold, a LUMAS Limited Edition achieves Bestseller status. When 90% of the print run has been sold, it reaches the Last Prints level. Once all of the available pieces have been produced, it is listed as Gallery Only. No more will be produced, so it is only possible to obtain a Gallery Only piece if you are lucky enough to find it in one of their 25 galleries around the world.

Check out their hand-selected Limited Editions or their newest artworks to get your hands on your own investment piece.

Don’t forget I have 15% off all LUMAS editions; valid online and in their galleries from November 2 – 19 2020 using code LU15KEL

Happy walls, happy home!

Kel x

Thank you to LUMAS for sponsoring this post and making signed art accessible.



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