The word ‘Hygge’ tends to be used a lot more around autumn winter time…so what is it and how can you embrace it?

Hygge (pronounced “hoo-ga”) is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfort that brings feelings of wellness and contentment. It’s often used to describe how we survive winter because that’s when we most need it and it’s also the season of festive gatherings with our favourite people.

This means surrounding yourself with things that make life feel good such as friends and family, and in the home…warmth, light, good food and cosy decor.

Oh So Kel is all about creating Inspiration for Beautiful Living, founded with the intention of sharing ideas and homeware that elevates the house to a home.

Some ideas on how to live hygge:

  • Light some candles
  • Cosy up under a blanket with a good book
  • Drink tea from your favourite mug
  • Enjoy peace and quiet or play relaxing music
  • Invite your besties over for dinner
  • Go for a walk and appreciate nature
  • Be present and thankful

Hygge in the home

Whilst hygge is predominantly a way of enjoying life’s simple pleasures, this does transcend to the home too where the aim is to create a clutter-free calming environment.

Tips for hygge home decor:

The Oh So Kel Homeware Collection is all about rustic accessories, neutral statement pieces and decor that will elevate your home styling. Our collection of vases and faux flowers, foliage and pampas in The Bloom Bar are designed to work as a collection, each pairing together to provide endless possibilities for bringing everlasting nature into your home.

Hygge Christmas

When it comes to Hygge Christmas Decor the same applies…and then some! The Oh So Kel Christmas Collection is full of rustic natural pieces that will stand the test of time, year after year, whilst offering unique chic versatile pieces that will allow you to bring your own sense of personality, styling and fun:

Living enjoying life’s simple pleasures? Yes please!





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