If your kitchen is feeling a little bland and void of your personality, here I’m sharing my top tips for how to style it so it looks like it’s out of a magazine! Most accessories used are from my own homeware collection so you can shop the look too.

Imagine it’s like any other room in the house

Just because there’s no coffee table or sofa to style, a kitchen can still feel warm, cosy and inviting by treating it like any other room in the house.

Candles are an obvious choice on a coffee table but they’re also beautiful in a kitchen as well as helping to remove any odours from cooking. 

Open shelving is a big trend right now and it allows you to bring a homely feel to the space. Stacked plates and bowls, glasses, vases, candles and books offer great styling opportunities.

Add personality

Adding textural elements such as nice tea towels, vases, bowls and cookbooks adds interest to your scheme but also allows you to bring in your personality.

Choose a colour scheme and ‘look’ that reflects your personality and style of home then try to follow this through in your accessories.

You may wish to introduce black and white through the spines of your books, picture frames or artwork, flower choices and vases for example.

Create a vignette

In the same way that I like to ground items with a tray or books on a console table, I also like to to this in the kitchen to create a styled vignette.

You could create a Tea & Coffee Station next to your kettle of coffee machine with stacked mugs, a canister and spoons. I also love our Heart Snacking Station for different coffee pods and tea bags.

A tray with salt & pepper mill, herbs and oil pourer can be a nice mix, as can a plant with some candles and a snuffer.

Bring in natural elements

Flowers, fruit and distressed wood such as bowls and chopping boards is a great way to bring in natural elements into your kitchen. Just think practically as well, such as which surfaces you need to keep clear when you’re cooking or you’ll soon get fed up of moving them all the time!

You may know by now that I’m a big fan of faux flowers – I’d love you to check out my Bloom Bar for everlasting flowers and pampas grasses, plus the artichokes shown aren’t actually real and are from my collection. They’re available in green too.

As well as bringing natural elements inside, most kitchens back onto the garden so it’s important to create a beautiful outdoor space to view through your window or bifolds. CTD Tiles has some beautiful products to help transform it and I’ve also written an article for their blog on unique ideas for your garden that your may not have thought of.

Fill a blank wall

Art can be transformative in any room, including the kitchen. If you have a blank wall, consider placing a piece of art or framed photograph there in the same tones and style as the rest of the kitchen as shown here using the Nordic Botanical Print from my collection.

I hope these tips on how to style your kitchen like a magazine have helped to give you some inspiration.

More inspiration on beautiful living can be found @ohsokel and my homeware to help you Live Beautiful @osk_living.

Kel x


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