metro magazine how to put up floating shelves

I gave some expert advice to Metro Magazine on how to put up floating shelves, which I wanted to share with you too.

Below I’ve shared the article, plus if you’d like my Art of Styling Shelfies e-book simply become an OSK Insider to gain access to the full library of styling books and receive 10% off my homeware collection at the same time!

How to Put up Floating Shelves as seen in Metro

Floating shelves are super practical and offer so many interior design opportunities where you can display beautiful objects and really stamp some personality into a room scheme, but there are some key facts to remember before getting started.

Kel Harmer is the Founder of award-winning, the source of unique chic homeware, inspiration for beautiful living blog, Business Insider SW #42under42 List and ‘queen of accessible chic style’. She loves a DIY and has recently put up floating shelves in her kitchen.

Here she gives her step by step guide…….

Step 1:

Before committing to floating shelves (or any other shelves for that matter), check the construction of the wall to ensure you have the right tools to fix a secure shelf and that it’s safe or strong enough to put one up at all. Brick walls will need different plugs to plasterboard or drywall and if there are cables and pipes you won’t be able to drill there. 

Step 2:

Once you’ve established that it’s possible to fix a shelf there and what type of wall you’re drilling into, be sure to measure the space and buy the correct length of shelving and mount brackets.

Step 3:

There’s nothing worse than a wonky shelf! A spirit level will be your friend here to make sure it’s straight. Hold up the mount bracket at the height you want and then mark out where the fixing holes are with a pencil. Once you’re sure they’re in the correct place, make a small dent there first and then drill the holes where they need to be.

Step 4:

Drill or tap your mount bracket into place using the correct plugs according to the type of wall you have. 

Step 5:

Once you’re absolutely sure the bracket is tight and secure to the wall, you can now slide the shelf onto the bracket and fix into place.

Step 6:

Now comes my favourite part – creating the perfect shelfie! Before overloading your shelves with your beautiful books and home accessories, go easy to begin with as all shelves will have a weight limit. 

Common mistakes to avoid:

  • trying to add floating shelves to a wall that’s not strong enough to take them
  • Using incorrect plugs for the wall type
  • drilling holes into the wall without checking for cables and pipes first. There are digital tools out there to help you with this. 
  • Putting up shelves ‘using your eye’ and then ending up with wonky lines!
  • Overloading the shelves with items that are too heavy

Kel has written an ebook on ‘The Art of Styling the Perfect Shelfie’ which is available via her website 

Her collection of unique chic homeware is full of beautiful decorative accessories for creating the perfect ‘shelfie’.



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