Long gone are the days where pampas grass was considered a throwback from the 70s (and linked to suburban wife-swapping!), it’s now completely on-trend and seen in many interior design lovers’ homes and featured in wedding decor. My pampas grass range is expanding by the day in my online homeware collection because the demand is ever-growing and the choice now spans way beyond the traditional plumes we’re used to seeing. Check out how many varieties I’m stocking now!

I adore the boho edge pampas grass gives to a space and how it can bring height and texture in beautiful neutral tones. Plus, it lasts for years and requires minimal maintenance!

Here I’m sharing my Top Tips on HOW TO CARE FOR PAMPAS GRASS so you can get the most out of your fluffy friends of the non-pet variety!

Give it a shake!

When your pampas grass first arrives it will have been squished in packaging so will need airing and shaking to get the maximum fluff factor. I recommend turning them upside down and shaking outside to avoid a big fluff cloud in your home!

It is worth noting that they will naturally shed a little so no need to worry when this happens.

Let it have some natural light

Although it’s not recommended that pampas lives in direct sunlight, when it first arrives some temporary natural sunlight is great for opening up the plumes further.

Hairspray it

Lightly hair-spraying the plumes will help to stop excessive shedding.

Prolong its life

Once they’ve initially had some sunlight to bring them to their fluffiest selves, it’s recommended that their permanent home for pampas is away from direct sunlight and moisture.

It goes without saying that the grass is delicate so avoid styling in high traffic areas where they’re likely to be brushed against continually or experience the wrath of playful children or pets.

Once you’ve followed these steps the wonderful thing about pampas is that you can style it in a vase (see my collection here) without water and enjoy for years to come! Simply shake every few months or lightly dust for maximum effect.

I adore it so much that I used it as inspiration when I was concept designer and stylist for a wedding photoshoot at Coombe Lodge Hotel in Bristol. You can see the shoot, Inspo and behind the scenes here.

If you love our best-selling Boho Pampas Bunches, I’ve shared 6 ways to style them here.

You can check out our complete collection of pampas grasses in The Bloom Bar which is growing by the day!

I hope my Top Tips on HOW TO CARE FOR PAMPAS GRASS has been useful and I’d love to see it styled in your own home so please do tag me on my Instagram Home Inspiration or Homeware Collection account.

Kel x


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