Home Décor: Drawing Inspiration from Around the Globe

Transforming your home into a sanctuary that reflects your personality involves exploring a world of design possibilities. If you’ve seen my previous travel posts Magical Mykonos Girlie Trip, 3 Day Tuscan Adventure and Our Colourful Florida Family Road Trip, you’ll see how the decor I soaked up in these trips inspired the interior design in brought into our own home. 

I loved The Colony Hotel style so much that it inspired the garden and kitchen wallpaper in our last house, and I fell in love with the boho materials in Scorpios in Mykonos as well as the farmhouse tones and textures in Tuscany. Inspiration is everywhere!

Dubai, the melting pot of many cultures, is experiencing a significant haul in home decor and we’ve absolutely LOVED our trips there. While Dubai residents want to maintain their renowned authentic Arabian-style architecture, they cannot resist throwing in elements from other cultures too. Here’s some inspiration from our trips there…

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Integrating Style from Different Cultures 

Decorating or redecorating your home can be exciting, but thinking about what to actually do with it can be really daunting. Even if you’re hiring an interior decorator, having background knowledge of what you’d like to achieve can make the process so much easier. 

Here are some new home decor trends in Dubai and how elements from around the world can help you to achieve them. 

  • Make it Green

The world is geared toward sustainable and eco-friendly living, and this reflects boldly on home decor. From using biophilic designs to sustainable materials, the possibilities are endless.

Dubai residents are bringing in nomadic inspirations to achieve green home decor. One significant way they do this is by using warm color hues like terracotta, ochre, and rust. Plus this hue is the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2024! Emiratis also bring bohemian natural textures from Africa and Asia by introducing wooden baskets and rattan furniture into their schemes. 

  • Bold and Beautiful 

Embrace the vibrant hues of different cultures by incorporating a diverse colour palette. Mediterranean blues, Moroccan reds, or Scandinavian neutrals – each region has its own distinctive color scheme that can add warmth and character to your home. 

You can never get it wrong when you combine Dubai’s luxurious lifestyle with decorative pieces in colours inspired by your favourite global destinations.

  • Smart Home Innovations

Smart homes focusing on seamless integration, wellness, and sustainable solutions are becoming more popular. People can operate many parts of their homes through technological tools. Voice commands, app integration, and biometrics, make the home safe and more accessible. 

While technology is generally rising, with Dubai being a central hub, manufacturers pair tech tools with cultures. They put smart bulbs in traditional lantern designs to create a user-friendly atmosphere. 

Traditional latticeworks from Chinese, Japanese, and Indian architecture are also recurring in Dubai homes. Innovators reinvent them with laser-cut designs and integrate them into home technologies. 

  • Maximize the Outdoors

Homeowners now make more out of their outside space, creating indoor-outdoor living which adds valuable square footage to their home. Putting in seats for relaxation and reading, a dining area, outdoor kitchen and wall-art or creative wooden dividers are all major considerations nowadays.


New trends give many interior options while ensuring a fresh and timeless look but they’re something to just consider whilst remaining true to your own style and personality. You will have been on your own journeys around the world, or gained inspiration from your local restaurant for example. There’s so much fun in the process! 




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