Adding much needed colour to your home

Adding much needed colour to your homeWe all need to add a little splash of colour in our everyday lives, and there’s no better place to do it than in our own homes right?! When you have a dull looking bedroom or kitchen, it can make spaces we spend a lot of time in having a negative or unpleasant feeling about them; I don’t know about you but that’s the last thing I want at home so giving rooms some much needed colour has to be a good idea.

If you saw my post on accessorising a kitchen when it has neutral tones (read here), you’ll know that you can embrace colour to make any space look a million times better by acting smartly when it comes to choosing and using colour.

I thought I’d throw in some areas that are overlooked when it comes to choosing when to best use colour and how it can impact the overall look of a room…

Switching your switches

This is a very simple tip and one that can have dramatic results. It is standard to have simple white plastic covers on light switches and plug sockets, particularly in a new-build like ours. Paint a room a dramatic colour though, and the humble white will stick out in a bad way.

Replacing these switches with colours that better suit the overall look of your room is a lovely idea don’t you think? You don’t have to go for dramatic tones, but something as subtle as brushed steel or black nickel can give you a very modern look in your kitchen or living room. Remember, if you settle for a neutral look, it can help balance the interior.

I would recommend against painting over your existing switches with the same emulsion you use on walls though as the paint doesn’t really stick to plastic nicely, and you could be left with a faulty switch.

Adding much needed colour to your home

Toning your radiators

Again, most of us will have simple white radiators in our homes. Just like fixtures and fittings, radiators will have a glossy white paint finish simply because it is cheap and easy to clean. Switching things up with a more natural and less intense tone looks much better if you can pull it off.

Much like what I said about painting switches, it’s risky to paint over existing ones. Because radiators heat up and cool down a lot, any paint you apply to it will be prone to splintering and coming off quickly. 

Instead, swap out your old radiator for a new one with a brushed, anthracite or stain finish. Trade Radiators have lots of different shades to work with that can help complement a space beautifully.

If you were looking for a very traditional look in a space, how about a cast iron radiator with a brushed finish that adds character? For a radiator that needs to work but have some anonymity, a simple vertical column radiator in aluminium or silver looks great.

Picking your moments

You really don’t have to spend a fortune to introduce a splash a colour to your home when just a few simple additions here and there are enough.

Take, for example, my post on using spray paints to breathe new life into existing household items. There’s so much to be said for spraying small items to inject some personality into a room and it’s so incredibly satisfying too.

In our daughter’s Peachy Boho Bedroom we upcycled an old rattan headboard which was a bargain from eBay by painting it a gorgeous mint green colour – simples!

Want more home improvements ideas?

Read my blog posts on fun DIY projects here and on interiors here.

I hope this has given you some ideas for giving rooms some much needed colour in your home. And let’s remember to always ‘be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud’.

Until next time,

Kel x

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