Fun DIY summer projects using spray paint

Fun summer DIY projects with Spray Paints

The weather is finally starting to warm up and it’s no secret that summer is everyone’s favourite time of the year. The balmy evenings, the soothing air blowing through the house and the longer days makes for happier and quieter times when you can take a break and do the things you love.

Celebrate the best of the season and take advantage of the warm weather by adding some fun upgrades to your home with these easy Craig & Rose DIY projects that you can easily do outside and will add some ‘wow’ to your weekend activities.

If you’re a DIY obsessive who is constantly upcycling things and making original pieces or if you want to create a homemade one-off gift, the possibilities with their Artisan spray paints are endless! The paints can be used on objects like ornaments or larger pieces like furniture and feature walls or fireplaces are easy to create no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are at this kind of thing. You can definitely give these projects a go and be pleased with the results.

One tip for the spray paints is to make sure you turn the can upside down and shake thoroughly before use. This paint can be used on wood, metal and most plastic and it dries super fast which is a winner if you get impatient when it comes to adding final touches.

Try a beautiful ombre effect plant pot to add a touch of personality to your home by simply covering part of the pot in tape before you spray paint the exposed area and add a pom pom for a cute addition (I used Hog Bristle High Performance Enamel Spray Paint on the bottom section). This would be a perfect ‘thank you teacher’ gift too and the kids would love being involved in this fun yet quick activity! 

Give a cheap lantern a peachy uplift with Rose Gold Metallic Effect Spray Paint, which dries incredibly quickly, followed by White Marble Effect Spray Paint for a unique finish. Blush colours are so on trend right now and look beautiful against copper tones so you could spray some candlesticks or more lanterns with Copper Rose Spray Paint and group them together to create an interesting collection. Imagine them dotted around your garden giving off a warm glow at your next BBQ. 

Budget wooden picture frames are easy to come by and can be given a touch of glam using pearl effect paints. Get creative by applying it in different ways using a paint brush to make varied effects, including stippling and moving the brush in opposite diagonal directions to create a herringbone pattern. They’ll look far more expensive and will be perfect for displaying your priceless family holiday snaps. 

Fun DIY summer projects using spray paint

Create a striking spotty pot by adding stickers to it, using Black High Performance Gloss Spray Paint on top, then carefully peeling the stickers away to reveal the original material underneath. It really creates the Kate Spade-esque ‘designer look’ and is so chic with some blooms inside, which you could pick from your garden and bring the outside in by proudly display in the house.

For your next summer soiree consider upcycling an old tea trolley or bar cart like we did for Isla’s Ice Cream & Slime Party. It’s sure to be your perfect statement piece for hosting (read top tips for summer entertaining here) as you can serve food and beverages in a unique way to wow your guests plus store garden or play items like we did in our pretty mint and pink summer house. Win-win!

Fun DIY summer projects using spray paint

Love the fun summer DIY projects using spray paints inspo?

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