I LOVE accessories, and I mean LOVE them. The foundation for the decor of our whole house is based on a neutral colour palette, which is one of the traits of myTransitional Style; it allows me to chop and change my accessories to suit the season and my mood at little cost, or as my hubby knows only too well, when I fall in love with cushions that I simply can’t leave the shop without. You’re with me on this, right?

I have embraced Autumn in our kitchen by simply buying some new faux flowers (oh my word, she didn’t actually say the words ‘faux flowers’ did she? ummmmm, yes I did and I love them! If you need convincing, read more here), changing a few cushion covers and bringing a cosier feel to the table with some candles, leaves and rustic willow on a square mirror.

It’s amazing how a few small accessory changes can alter the whole mood of a room isn’t it?

The possibilities are endless! You could put gorgeous fluffy throws on your sofas and beds, introduce lots of candles, add a small fur rug under or on top of an armchair, bring in plums, burnt oranges or forest greens to your scheme or add rustic wood textured accessories to the mix. If you fancy going DIY, how about collecting some beautiful cones and autumnal leaves for the bottom of a glass storm lantern, putting willow branches in a vase, or placing pumpkins outside your porch?

There are some scrumptious ideas on my Pinterest board for Fall-Autumn and for Thanksgiving too: