Easter Decor Styling Ideas

easter decor styling ideasI adore spring and the opportunity to bring fresh decor into our home, particularly for Easter as my girls love it! These Easter Decor Styling Ideas will help you to welcome the new season with stylish versatile touches that are cost-effective too…

My own homeware collection is full of beautiful unique chic decor that have been curated from artisans all over the world and most of the styling shared below uses Oh So Kel pieces.

Using non-themed classic items as your base such as wooden trays, glass cannisters and ceramic bowls is smart, because they can be used in your home all year round and styled up differently with a few seasonal pieces such as decorative bunnies and eggs for Easter. 

Easter Decor Styling Ideas

Style Up Vases & Pots

As explained in my article on ‘How to Bring Spring Into Your Home‘ adding fresh or faux flowers to vases or pots is a guaranteed way to signal spring. The faux hyacinth with bulb plus a whole range of faux stems from my Bloom Bar look so realistic that no-one would ever know, so if you’re not green-fingered or if you want to invest in everlasting flowers there’s a huge choice in my collection.

It’s really effective to place a tumbler within the vase which allows you to fill the outside layer with mini eggs whilst still being able to fill the middle of the vase with flowers or twigs. If using twigs you could also hang our decorative eggs from the branches for a cute touch.

Our cracked egg vase is a beautiful addition for Easter and looks gorgeous filled with treats, moss or bulbs too…

Style Up a Tray 

Styling up a tray (which can be used as a base for decorative pieces all year round) is a fantastic way to create a vignette that is intentional for the season and makes it easier to group items together without them looking cluttered. It’s also really effective to fill glass cannisters with seasonal pieces as shown below with our storage jars and Icelandic fresh moss from The Bloom Bar.

My complete collection of trays and dishes can be viewed here.

Consider mixing heights and textures for added interest, whilst maintaining a consistent theme such as all white and rustic details grouped together…

Create a Beautiful Tablescape

Using your existing crockery and linens then simply adding some themed items to place settings and the table is a really cost-effective way of styling it for the season. My burlap cutlery pockets from the Tableware Collection are a great staple for tables too as you can add mistletoe sprigs at Christmas or bunny tails for Easter.

Here I’ve used a selection of bunny bowls and ornaments from my collection, along with a DIY favour made using a brown paper bag, Sharpie pen and ribbon, which was filled with treats.

As an Interior Stylist I was also asked to create an Easter Tablescape for Dunelm, where I used ‘carrot croissants’, ‘bunny toast’ and ‘edible gold speckled eggs’ for some extra fun!…

I hope these Easter Decor Styling Ideas have given you some inspiration for your own styling. Do comment below or tag me on Instagram with your own suggestions and images as I’d love to see!

If you’ve loved the pieces in this post, they’re actually from my own homeware collection and you can check out my New Arrivals here.

Until next time,

Kel x


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