Aaaaaah flowers, they’re beautifully perfect aren’t they?

I love the way they complete a room, how creatively they can be used, how simply they can be used, how they can reflect your personality. Having a grandad who showed chrysanthemums and a mum who had her own florist business, I was always going to adore and appreciate them.

However, there’s not always the time or budget to put fresh flowers in every room all of the time is there? So rather than not have them at all I’ve chosen to use good quality artificial ones then use fresh blooms when I can. Surely they can’t still be a faux pas can they?!

Artificial flowers have always had a bit of a stigma (faded, frayed, cobwebbed displays in chintzy hotels spring to mind) but they really have come a long way. Graham and Greenis my go-to place as they have such a great selection and fantastic quality.

I have also gambled on EBay and been happy with the results; sometimes you just need to ‘edit’ the bouquets by taking some of the leaves or foliage out and cutting the flower stems so you can arrange them individually. Here are some of my displays:

You can find my large white pierced vase here or similar here and the blue and white floral Chinese vase was from Ebay

For a flower-fill and to get ideas on how you could use flowers in your home, take a look at how they take these spaces on my Pinterest board to the next level. Bloom-ing beautiful hey?

I hope this has inspired you to have more blooms in your life; if you create your own floral vignettes after reading this post please tag @ohsokel and use #OSKinspired on Instagram as I’d love to see them!

What do you think about using artificial flowers? Yay or nay?

Until next time,

OSK xx

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