Ever wondered what your interior ‘style’ is? I was confused by mine because I like neutral palettes and clean modern lines, but mixed with shaker cabinetry, eclectic accessories, a bit of the ‘Hamptons’, a touch of chinoiserie, different textures, masculine and feminine, classic elements…you get the picture. Does this sound like you too?

Being an Aquarian I’m ok with being a bit different to be honest, but by having an obsession with interiors and home styling as opposed to a solid interior design background I started to question whether I was about to make some pretty awful choices when making our house a home. That was until I came across the term ‘transitional’. Now you could be fully au fait with this term but as I wasn’t I’m figuring there are other people out there like me who might benefit.

According to Karen Williams for the Huffington Post:

‘Transitional designs are somewhere in between traditional and modern styles; they bridge the gap between the two, borrowing from each aesthetic. What it yields is an environment that is warm and welcoming, unfussy but incorporating classic components.’

I’m pretty convinced that if I was going to define my style, this would be it, although there could be a professional out there who disagrees! Like I said, I’m ok with making unique choices and pairings at times, but knowing that this is a ‘thing’ gave me the confidence to stick with my vision and go with what I really love, if you know what I mean?

If you think this is you, here are my views on transitional style based on my own (non-professional!) experiences:

– ‘Transitional’ can be masked as ‘lack of clarity’ by the confusing array of varying styles that collectively don’t seem to ‘fit’ into a definition (until you come across the term transitional!)

– in some ways it’s easy to get the foundation right when it comes to choosing neutral colour palettes that are complimentary throughout your home. My Pinterest board on wall colours has helped me: