Following the success of our DIY mermaid party I wanted to show you how to recreate the tulle table skirt we made. I didn’t view any other sites to do this so our technique may or may not be the ‘standard’ way but it worked well for us!

You will need

Length of tulle

– Strands of different coloured tulle

– Scissors

To fix to the table you will need:

– Tablecloth

– Safety pins

To calculate the height of tulle we needed, I added an extra five inches on the distance from the floor to the top of the table, which allowed for the skirt to rise up a bit when we cut it and to give a border at the top to fold over & pin to the tablecloth.

For the length of the tulle I added an extra 10 inches on the length across the front of the table then doubled it because I wanted two layers to add depth. You may wish to run it around the sides too so bear that in mind if this is the case.

Cut your different coloured thin strands of tulle the same length as the distance allowed for the height of the skirt. I also mixed in some shorter ones for added interest (and because I was concerned about running low!).

Lay the double layer tulle along the floor, then work your way along cutting strands about four inches apart up to around five inches from the top.

Use your thin lengths of different coloured tulle to tie the double layer strands of large tulle together, ensuring you spread the colours across the whole piece. I used one colour across the whole thing before moving onto the next colour. Of course, you could stick to just one colour for everything!

And that’s it! So simple, yet incredibly effective.

To fix to the table you’ll need safety pins to fasten it to a tablecloth. I bought thin wipeable tablecloths in our colour theme which would have ripped with the weight of the skirt hanging from the pins, so I put an old white curtain underneath so there was something stronger to fix it to.

Another point to make is that we needed to put weight on the table to stop the skirt sliding off.

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Until next time,

OSK xx

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