I think we can all agree that it’s super important to keep Santa happy on Christmas Eve, just as it’s gorgeously magical to see the excitement on family members’ faces as they prepare for the main event. Sooooo how about creating a Christmas cart full of goodies that will fill everyone with festive joy? WIN WIN!

Visiting theLiveMoor website is like Christmas coming early to any crafter and with their DIY Sweet Christmas Trees Kit it’s never been easier to make delicious towers of your favourite treats to tempt your guests, including the big guy himself of course.

To make the sweet trees you will need:

Sweet Christmas Tree Kit (each contains two and comes will full instructions)

Cocktail sticks or double sided tape

Sweets (it took one large tin of Quality Street per tree)

Cling film

First follow the instructions to fill the buckets with plaster and fix the dowels in place by using the powder, measuring cups and grip seal bags.

I personally found it easier to put the sweets on the cone first and then fix it on the dowel rod once complete because it was more stable that way.

There were a number of options for how to fix the sweets to the cone. If using chocolate buttons you’d need to melt some chocolate first and spread over the cone so the buttons have something to stick to. If using sweets with wrappers you could use double sided sticky tape (particularly with hard sweets) or use cocktail sticks like I did.

Break the sticks in half as they’re too long otherwise, use the pointed end to make a hole in the sweet, turn it around to push the flat end into the hole and then use the pointed end for the polystyrene.

Start at the top then work around the tree until you reach the bottom. To save on the amount of sweets used you could either add a length of pom poms to the base like I did, or wind tinsel around the cone and fill in the gaps with the sweets.

Just look at that happy little face! I mean, who doesn’t love milk and treats at Christmas?! I have to confess that I was hoping to make a hole in the cookies to push the straws through and place on top of the glasses but they were too brittle and too small, so next time I’ll make sure I buy bigger softer ones!

Don’t the sweet trees look deliciously inviting and vibrant alongside the other cheery decorations? If you don’t have a cart, you could still create the perfect treat station by adding festive cloth to a small table or sideboard.

Share your DIY on Instagram and tag @ohsokel if you make your own as we’d love to see the results.

Happy Holidays!

Until next time,

OSK xx

Photography: Kel Harmer

LiveMoor has sponsored this post and provided the sweet trees kit, thank you to them and Merry Christmas! There may be affiliate links in this post. Read more here


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