Photography: Kelly Harmer

When creating our Creepy Crawly Chic Halloween Table I couldn’t help but make a DIY for it and since I was making fiendish food in the form of bloody brain pizza and disgustingly delicious ghost strawberries I thought I’d have a go at creating a food platter as spooky as the snacks themselves.

I used an orange skull from last year’s Day of the Dead Party , clear perspex plate and cobweb stickers although there are so many possibilities with this project. You could turn a witches cauldron upside down and spray paint an old kids melamine plate for the top or fix a plate to a clear vase filled with spiders and cobwebs. Temporary tattoos could work well to decorate the plate too.

This DIY has to be one of the quickest EVER!

Simply use strong clear all purpose glue to fix the plate to your chosen base, adorn with spooky accessories if you wish, leave to dry and bam, your project is complete.

The biggest challenge was ensuring I glued the flat edge of the skull so it would be steady and stable when I added food onto it. You could always practice with Blue Tac or similar first.

There are loads more Halloween ideas on my Pinterest board:


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