Most of us want a beautiful home, but we don’t want to be too precious about it because first and foremost a house should be a home, right?

This is why I LOVE Ikea; their pieces are reasonably priced, well made enough for busy households and brilliant for being customised or ‘hacked’. I’ve done a fair few Ikea hacks but this is one of my favourites and I just love it in our playroom where it’s practical enough for sticky finger marks to be easily wiped away but stylish at the same time.

If you’d like to DIY it too, here’s how!

You will need:

Ikea Lack Coffee Table – I chose 90 x 55cm (handy hint: you should allow around 18"/45cm between the edge of your sofa and coffee table)

Marble effect roll of sticky back plastic – I used Fablon 2m x 67.5cm

Dry cloth or tea towel


Sewing pin

How to:

– As these Lack tables come flat packed the top section is already separate so there’s one less thing to do!

– Lay out the sticky back plastic over the table top and ensure there’s enough around each edge to cover the sides and a small amount to wrap underneath.

– Using the square grid on the back of the plastic to get it straight, cut the piece to size and slowly peel back the paper, placing it at the edge of the top section; use your cloth to smooth down the plastic a few inches into the top section and down the side, wiping away any air bubbles (don’t worry if there are tiny ones left as you can use a pin to pierce them at the end). If you end up with large bubbles simply peel the plastic back up and try again.

– Next cut slits at the corners to fold the plastic down – this is the fiddliest bit.

– Smooth the rest of the plastic along the top of the table using your cloth then repeat the cutting slits and folding down process at the other corners so you can also smooth down the sides

– Use a pin and the cloth to pierce and smooth away any small air bubbles

– Re-find the holes for the legs with the sharp end of the scissors and build the table as normal

Et voila, a beautiful and practical marble effect coffee table for next to nothing. The Coco Chanel book you see is part of a wonderful collection of books called ‘Little People, Big Dreams’ and is really inspirational for children. Take a look here

You can follow my Pinterest board for more Ikea Hack Love:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post; if you give it a go please feel free to tag @ohsokel and use #OSKinspired on Instagram as I’d love to see the results!

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