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Nothing says party like pretty balloons, particularly for a child’s birthday, and as it’s wonderful to have everything ‘oh so themed’ I decided to make ice cream balloons for our daughter’s Ice Cream and Slime Party.

Let me say now that there are less practical considerations if you’re putting the balloons on sticks. I used helium and am so glad I made a dummy version beforehand! The learning curves are shared here too so you don’t make the same mistakes as I did…

All you need is:


Helium (or balloon pump)

Balloon ribbon (or balloon sticks and caps)

Brown paper (or card if not using helium)


Round stencil



All purpose glue

Coloured sticky labels (for sprinkles)

Balloon weights (if using helium)

Start by drawing a circle on brown paper to create the ice cream cone template; I used a large dinner plate.

If you’re using balloons on sticks you can afford to make bigger cones so they’re in better proportion, but if you’re using helium be mindful to use lightweight brown paper and to keep the cones fairly small or like me you’ll discover that they’re too heavy to stay up in the air! I would definitely recommend seeing one balloon through right to the end before cutting all your circles out incase you need to make adjustments to the size.

I cut my circle in half and made the cones out of half-circles to further reduce the weight.

Fix the cone in place using cellotape then thread your ribbon through the hole at the base or create a hole if there isn’t one by snipping a tiny bit of the end off.

Blow up the balloon and tie the ribbon to it.

Use all purpose glue for the inside top of the cone and push your balloon into it. Hold for around 30 seconds to ensure it’s properly stuck then tie the ribbon to a balloon weight or equivalent.

The weights seem pretty expensive for what they are so we made our own by putting handfuls of garden stones into squares made from a plastic tablecloth and tying with ribbon. The girls loved this activity!

If you want to take it one step further, cut thin strips of coloured labels and stick to the balloons to make them look like sprinkles. Cute huh?!

I personally would have preferred to use brown card over paper and to have made the cones larger, but both options weren’t possible when using helium balloons.

Nevertheless, the effect was great and the children loved taking one away with them at the end of the party. The cost to add this extra detail to a balloon is next to nothing and as we all know, little details go a long way to help create a more memorable and special occasion.

You can check out my Ice Cream and Slime Pinterest board for more ice cream balloon (and ice cream and slime party!) inspiration.

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Until next time,

OSK xx

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