After crushing over gold edged agate slices online I thought I’d have a go myself. It was really easy and so much cheaper than buying one ready done, particularly since I already had gold leaf flakes left over from my DIY Acrylic Abstract Art project

Using natural products in home decor adds interest and texture and reminds us of how beautiful nature really is. If you have Transitional Style like me, you will need items like this to add dimension and depth to your neutral colour palette.

All you need is:

An agate slice

Gold leaf or flakes

PVA glue

2 paint brushes

Baby wipes

I wanted to use the agate slice as the base for my Chinese ceramic vase in our new kitchen so I knew which dimensions to look for; it’s worth bearing the size in mind when looking as some are rather small. I found mine on eBay but there are some on Etsy too.

I cleaned it using soapy water and ensured it was fully dried before using a brush to carefully coat the edge of the agate with PVA glue. I used baby wipes to get rid of any glue from the main part of the slice, then dipped the edge directly into the flakes and used a clean dry brush to sweep away any loose flakes.

Once dried the slice was ready for its new home!

I like moving my accessories around the house to mix things up a bit and it also looks great in our cloakroom:

New accessories have been introduced to the vignette in our kitchen but the beautiful agate slice remains! It’s such a brilliant anchor for smaller items and makes grouped items look more ‘styled’ and less ‘plonked’.

If this DIY isn’t for you, you can buy them instead from EtsyandNot on the High Street

For more agate inspiration, check out my Pinterest board:

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Until next time,

OSK xx

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