After sharing my Easter Garden Tablescape I thought I’d show you what our dear little gold bunny looked like before.

Quite a difference, hey?!

To DIY you will need:

Plastic bunny

Gold spray paint – I used Craig & Rose Artisan Spray Paint

A large piece of old cardboard or something similar

An outdoor area, preferably on a non-windy day!

Craig & Rose Paints supplied me with a range of their paints which I’ve used for various projects (check out their marble effect and more here) so I jumped at the chance to use it again, this time with the ‘Bright Effect’ gold artisan spray. Their full colour range can be found here and you can check the nearest stockists on their website.

Lay your old cardboard down and place the bunny on top, then simply shake the can upside down for around 30 seconds and spray from around 30cm away.

Leave to dry for around 10 minutes and you’re done!

Don’t you think he looks very regal in his Easter garden?

And a lot more expensive than he started out!

If, like me, you adore spray paint projects, check out my Pinterest board.

Please tag @ohsokel and use #OSKinspired on Instagram if you create something after seeing this post. I’d love to see the results!

Until next time,

OSK xx

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