In each of my daughters’ bedrooms are pretty feather garlands, which were really easy to make.

I love how they break up the clean lines in a space and I’ve used them in staged photos for creations in my shop for that reason too.

They’re so versatile and great in so many settings, like nurseries, fairy garden parties, Easter, Christmas, New Year and I absolutely adore them for weddings. They’d look great in a boho chic or rustic theme along the front of a table, on a table plan, as a photo booth backdrop, across a fireplace or even hung individually above a table.

I’ve also seen them used individually as place settings, in headbands, at the base of balloons plus around glass candle holders and vases. You could use iridescent glitter for a more subtle whimsical look or go wild with coloured feathers and bright details.

If you’re loving these feathers as much as I do, follow my board to save these ideas:

You will need:

Goose craft feathers

Fine glitter

– PVA glue

– Brush

– Masking tape

– Dust cloth

– 3 x old bowls or tubs

– String

How to:

The process is so simple! (although I forgot to take photos of the process, oops!)

– First lay the feathers on a dust cloth

– Use masking tape to mark the space ready for the glitter

– Brush the PVA glue on the desired area

– Dip the feather in a bowl of glitter

– Tap the excess into another bowl to save wastage and leave to dry

– To make the garland, work out how long you want it to be before cutting the string, ensuring you leave enough space at either end to tie or fix onto your objects (I’ve used tape underneath the shelves).

– Taking this into account calculate how far apart your feathers need to be

– Work your way along the string tying each feather one-by-one. Be sure to tie the string tightly to the feather stalk or it’ll drop out; I double knotted each one and used a blob of glue too.

Et voila, a gorgeous glitter dipped feather garland that can be used in so many settings. This would be a great one to do with the kids too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post; if you give it a go please feel free to tag @ohsokel and use #OSKinspired on Instagram as I’d love to see the results.

Until next time,

OSK xx

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