If you’re hosting a tropical party nothing speaks fiesta like a pineapple vase full of palm leaves does it? Style it with vibrant colours like I did at this Boho Fiesta Party, serve up some delicious Mexican or Jamaican grub with complementary tunes in the background and your guests are sure to have a ball.

All you need is:

Ripe pineapple

Sharp knife (be careful!)

Chopping board

Ice cream scoop (for the bottom section)

Decorations like these palm leaves or fresh blooms

Start by chopping the leaves off the top. This can also be useful as a table decoration so don’t throw it away!

Carefully cut around the inside of the skin using a sharp knife.

Use the knife to cut down through the middle of the pineapple, being careful not to pierce the skin at the bottom. Gently lift the fruit away until there’s just the hollow skin left. If there’s too much left at the bottom try using an ice cream scoop.

Dress with palm leaves or blooms. If you’re using fresh stems and want your display to last longer, place a plastic container filled with water inside first.

If you do decide to create a fresh pineapple vase, try making some Pineapple and Mint Infused Water with the leftover fruit. It’s delicious and healthy too! Check it outhereand read the health benefits at the same time.

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OSK xx

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