DIY Flower Wall

DIY Flower Wall – what you need to know

You can imagine my excitement when I was asked to style a flower wall for a University of Bristol Spring Ball by Hype Events; if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I blooming love flower walls!

Flower walls are such a great backdrop for events, weddings and parties and offer wonderful photo opportunities too but let me tell you, they are NOT easy to create and are SO much more time consuming than you would ever imagine. That’s the reality folks! If you’re after a much quicker backdrop ditch the DIY flower wall and check out what I did at our Swan Lake Soiree and Boho Wedding Photoshoot instead!

Would I do it again though? Absolutely…

It’s very therapeutic, you can let your creativity to run free and my goodness are the results beautiful.

I’m sharing my experience including little tips and tricks I picked up along the way which I hope will help if you decide to create a DIY flower wall too…

What you need

Hype Events hired the large 7ft frame plus the panels of white flowers on plastic mesh which formed the main backdrop. On top of that we needed:

  • 700 artificial flowers (some were individual stems and some were posies which came in very handy – I’ll share why below)
  • Large step ladder
  • Cable ties
  • Scissors
  • At least two people!
  • Plasters or gloves if you have delicate hands!

What to consider when setting up

Work out the height and width of the frame based on the space you have and the size and quantity of the flower panels. You need to allow for the panel wrapping over the top of the frame, covering the poles at either end and the panel touching the floor.

We started in the middle then worked out to ensure we had the same overhang of panel at either end, enough to cover the poles but not too much that it flapped around.

The frame came with clips to fix the flower panel to the poles but we also used cable ties to fix the panels to each other.

To ensure we had an even spread of flowers we split them into three groups of equal colours and quantities to serve each side and the middle.

Bear in mind that the complete flower wall will most likely not be in a photograph and that most people will stand in front of the middle section so it’s important to consider this when adding the flower stems. We created an abundant display in each corner of the wall and initially only had smaller scatterings in the centre, only to realise when taking a ‘test shot’ that we needed waaaaay more in the middle section!

Tips for time saving

We found that clusters of flowers worked better than individual stems dotted around. It gave more depth and interest and also saved a huge amount of time because we could group stems together, poke them through in one go and fix the entire cluster to the mesh with a cable tie to make them more secure. We had individual stems and also small posies with a small enough cluster of stems to fit through the holes in the mesh – this was an absolute winner for time saving and creating a 3D effect.

Having two people on this job made a HUGE difference; imagine poking stems through from the front them running behind to fix them in place each time! They’d probably drop out before you even got there.

How long did it take?

This is the bit that came as a massive surprise…I honestly thought it would take around 2-3 hours but it was more like 5.

The frame and initial set up is fairly quick but I underestimated how long it would take to build up the layers of flowers, particularly for a wall this size!

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