It’s so satisfying when you create something beautiful, but even more so when your beautiful creation didn’t cost the earth either, don’t you agree?

If you do you’re in the right place, because not only am I sharing my DIY floral hoop which cost less than £10 (bargain!), but also lots of other thrifty home decor projects by some other talented peeps whose websites are listed at the bottom.

Think of this as the ultimate bargain bucket full of inspiring contents ready to get the creative juices going. A bargain bucket with no crap left at the bottom…what could be better?

So let’s begin…

All you need is:

Plastic hula hoop (check the Poundshop) or use a wooden embroidery hoop

White spray paint

Clear fishing wire


Artificial foliage and flowers

Start by laying old sheets out on the floor either outside (on a non-windy day) or in a well ventilated then place your hoop on top and shake your spray paint can upside down for around 30 seconds to ensure the contents are well mixed.

Begin spraying one side of the hoop from around 30cm away ensuring you spray the inside and outside surface as well as the clearly visible parts. When fully dry (I left mine for a good couple of hours because the paint can stay sticky) turn the hoop over and repeat the process.

Of course if you want to skip this part altogether you could buy a wooden embroidery hoop and use as is.

Next is the really fun part where you get to decorate the hoop. First lay out your foliage and flowers how you want them so you have a rough plan of how it will look and which order to fix them.

Take your fishing wire and tie it to the top of the first stem before winding it to the bottom (or vice versa) and tie in place. I found it useful to keep a length of the wire hanging down incase I needed to tie it to another piece of foliage.

Repeat the process, building up the design until all your stems are fixed in place.

Trim any excess fishing wire to tidy it up.

Et voila! Your DIY floral hoop is complete.

We hung ours on the wall in our daughter’s bedroom around a gold initial and we just love it! It’s quirky, feminine and best of all homemade with love.

You may wish to suspend your hoop from the ceiling, in which case the fishing wire will again come in handy. If you like the idea of using the initial or suspending something else in the middle (a jam jar with a battery tea light inside perhaps?), simply attach it to the top of the hoop with the fishing wire.

For the eagle eyed amongst you, you’ll have noticed that I sprayed multiple hoops. This is because I will be suspending them from the ceiling at my daughter’s 3rd birthday Swan Lake Soiree in a few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for all the details! In the meantime, you can check out my Swan Party Pinterest board for more floral hoops and ideas for this theme.

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Enjoy the tour and have a wonderful day!

Please tag @ohsokel and use #OSKinspired on Instagram if you create something after seeing this post. I’d love to see the results!

Until next time,

OSK xx

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