Photography: Kelly Harmer

There’s something about a cloche that is oh so elegant, whether it’s covering a candle, precious objects or cute little brush trees for the festive season, don’t you agree?

I really wanted to include one at my daughter’s Swan Lake Birthday Soiree to display her first pair of party shoes, but with a room full of children I wasn’t convinced that using a usual glass one was the safest of ideas so I quickly made one (on the morning of the party, that’s how simple it was) using an empty 2l plastic bottle and a plastic wine bottle stopper…

All you need is:

Empty clear plastic bottle (I used a 2l bottle)


Small plate or candle plate (I used a melamine one)


All purpose glue or double sided tape


Cellotape & fishing wire (my fav items!) if you want to hang something inside

Plastic wine bottle stopper if you don’t want to use the existing bottle top

Work out how tall your cloche needs to be to fit your object inside then cut your clean plastic bottle to size using scissors and remove the lid.

If you’re placing your cloche over the top of an object as opposed to suspending something inside, all you need to do is fix some ribbon around the top of the bottle (to cover the ridges) and add a wine bottle stopper. You could even skip this part by simply spray painting the bottle lid (a metallic spray would work well) or keep as is. Place your item on a small plate, cover with the bottle and you’re done. The simplest DIY ever!

To suspend something inside, use fishing wire to hang the object then fix the wire to the top of the bottle using cellotape. This can be quite fiddly so work out whether it’s easier to thread the wire down through the funnel at the top or thread up from the inside. Cover the cellotape by gluing ribbon over it and finish with the bottle top.

I honestly think this is one of the quickest yet biggest impact DIYs I’ve ever done and until some parents helped us to pack everything away at the end of the party, they had no idea the cloche was plastic and not glass.

I love this so much that my brain is already thinking of variations. I’m liking the idea of a mini festive one, perhaps using an upside down jam jar with fake snow and brush trees. Send me a message if you have other ideas and I’ll give it a go!

Please tag @ohsokel and use #OSKinspired on Instagram if you create something after seeing this post. I’d love to see the results!

Until next time,

OSK xx

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