DIY Boxwood Bar with Boe Gin

DIY Boxwood Bar with Boe GinIf you love pretty decor, DIY, vibrant colours, hosting and gin – THIS DIY BOXWOOD BAR FOR BOE GIN IS FOR YOU!

It goes without saying that it didn’t take much consideration when asked by Boe Gin to come up with an artistic creation that involved sampling their delicious gin at the same time. This has to be up there with one of my favourite OSK projects, not only because I blooming love gin but also because I got to play host to my wonderful friends from behind my super easy DIY floral boxwood bar which took less than an hour to make – winner! If you already have an old chest of drawers or small bookcase lying around, this project is pretty darn cheap for the beautiful results you get.

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It’s almost as if I planned the DIY boxwood bar to match my favourite flavour, Violet Ginwink wink 😉 which I first tried it at a bar in Bristol last year and have been ordering it ever since. It has a real depth of flavour which makes it rather moorish (I don’t wish to confess how much of the bottle is left now, eek!). Served with good quality tonic, lots of ice and grapefruit twist, it’s absolutely delicious and the striking colour makes it super pretty too.

It’s like tasting summer in a glass with both the yellow Passion Gin and red Peach & Hibiscus Gin, perfect for those balmy evenings with your besties. I love how endless the cocktail combinations are as it makes them so versatile – as an alternative to the classic G&T try 25ml Boe Passion gin and 25ml peach puree with a twist of orange and you have yourself a Boe Bellini Passionista in a matter of seconds.

To match the glitter balls, how about making a Boe Disco using 37.5ml Boe Violet Gin, 1x cream soda, 10ml lemon juice, 15ml Malibu, ice and a lemon zest garnish?

Soooooo to make the DIY boxwood bar I used…

Simply turn the chest of drawers (or a bookcase) around so you’re using the flat side at the back.

Next ensure you have spaced the panels of boxwood so it ends in the same place on both sides. For this chest of drawers I needed 6 panels – two for the middle section and then another two at either end which wrapped around and covered both sides exactly. If this isn’t the case for you, the plastic mesh is really easy to cut.

I started stapling the middle panels and then worked around the sides until securely fixed. One tip is to turn the staple gun upside down to enable better accuracy at the very top.

Boe Gin is the gin on everyone’s lips this summer so I couldn’t help myself when I found the light up lips to work into my DIY boxwood bar! They even turn purple when lit! They’re battery operated so no need to worry about access to power and the clear wire was long enough to run right around to the back. I simply fixed the light in place by tying them to the mesh using clear fishing wire then added a few cheeky glitter ball decorations at last minute using the same wire. My daughters absolutely love it so I wouldn’t be surprised if I remove the lips at some point to make way for pretty butterflies for a fairy themed party!

The drawers at the back are perfect to store glasses, napkins and cocktail making utensils. You could even line them with plastic boxes and fill them with ice to keep your bottles cool. 

DIY Boxwood Bar with Boe Gin


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This DIY Boxwood Bar for Boe Gin took less than an hour and was so easy to pull together. We all have old furniture in the garage so have a look and see if perhaps your unused bookcase could be transformed, you never know what new lease of life you can give it!

Thank you to Boe Gin for sponsoring this post.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have one of these at your wedding or next summer soiree? Check out my Pinterest board for more boxwood bar inspiration including the more classic green style.

Which gin will be on your lips this summer?


Kel x

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