Every Party Animals Party (view here) needs favours and these little animal biscuit or sweet jars fit the bill (or zoo) perfectly. Even better is that they are DIY, easy to make and cost next to nothing – grrrrreat I hear your ROAR! (I know, terrible joke but it reminded me of the Frosties advert so I decided to keep it in).

This DIY works brilliantly with the animal theme but you could apply it to so many others… little fairies or unicorns with rainbow coloured candy, dinosaurs with green jelly beans, bunnies with mini chocolate eggs would be gorgeous for a first birthday or Easter party and for adult events such as engagement parties or baby showers, how about crystal napkin rings (you know, the ones that look like engagement rings?) with silver sugared almonds or gold-sprayed dummies with pink or blue sweets inside?

We made extra little pom pom party hats for the plastic toys on display, which just so happened to match the childrens’ ones. Cuuuuuuute or what?!

You will need

For the hats:

Patterned card

Coin (something circular to draw around)


All purpose glue

Mini pom poms

For the jars:

Plastic animals

Jam jars or similar

Spray paint (we used gold and white)

Animal biscuits

To make the hats cut semi circles out of the card (we drew full circles then cut in half) and bend around to create a cone shape, then fix in place using all purpose glue and add a pom pom at the same time. We initially tried to use cellotape but the cone kept coming apart. It can be a little fiddly due to the size of them and you’ll need to hold the cone in place while the glue dries; be careful your fingers don’t get glued to it at the same time!

To make the favour jars first spray paint the animals and lids to allow them enough time to dry before starting the next stage, ensuring you use dust sheets and a well ventilated space. This is obviously optional depending on the type of lids you have and the style you want to achieve. You may decide to keep the animals as they are.

In the meantime fill the jars with animal biscuits or other treats and when the spray paint is dry, glue the animal to the lid, hat on the animal and screw back onto the jar.

You could add a label or tag to say ‘Thanks for coming, we hope you had a ROAR-ing time’.

If you’re planning a Safari Party or similar, feel free to check out my Pinterest board for more inspiration.

Please tag @ohsokel and use #OSKinspired on Instagram if you create something after seeing this post. I’d love to see the results!

Until next time,

OSK xx

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Photography: Kel Harmer


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