When you want a special gift for special people, there’s no better than a handmade piece of art using precious material like these agate crystal slices which I personalised with the initials of the couple.

Using natural products in home decor adds interest and texture and reminds us of how beautiful nature really is, and using these neutral colours pretty much guarantees to match any interior.

All you need is:

Agate slices


Butterfly paper cutter

Pretty paper

Silicone glue

Silver Sharpie

Alphabet stencil sheet

Our daughter really enjoyed cutting out the paper butterflies.

We then folded the butterflies either side of the middle ‘body’ part and used silicone glue to stick them to the canvas.

The agate slices were personalised using an alphabet stencil and metallic Sharpie pen.

They were stuck to the canvas also with the silicone glue.

As this gift was from our daughters, they wrote their names on a butterfly and stuck them in the bottom right corner to make them stand out and add that personal touch.

Leave to dry and you’re done!

If you’re loving agate, you can also check out my DIY gold leaf edged agate slice which I’ve used as a base for candles and vases.

If this DIY isn’t for you, you can buy them instead from EtsyandNot on the High Street

For more agate inspiration, check out my Pinterest board:

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Until next time,

OSK xx

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