Design Services. Creative Designer. Style Consultant. Brand Styling. Content CreationCreative styling and a coordinated design really gives the wow factor, whether it be for a wedding, celebration, product launch or shoots for brands and products.

Kel works as a Creative Designer and Stylist for brand shoots and offers design services to those who are planning a celebration but need help pulling a vision together. Kel hasn’t found an offer quite like hers on the market as most are either full wedding planning services or styling on the day with hired props; Kel’s goal is to create a bespoke Style Guide which properly reflects your dreams and desired theme, in turn giving you the tools, visual aids and spare budget to fulfil them.


You have an important celebration coming up, you don’t know where to start on the decor or theme, you can’t afford or don’t want a full wedding or event planner to bring in suppliers and manage the event itself, but you need a design service that successfully pulls together a vision, colour scheme, decor and details that match your ideas on a theme and reflect you…

This is what Kel does best! 

Whatever your dreams, whatever your style, whatever your idea for your special day, Kel will pull together a design and give you the tools to make that a reality. Her service aims to help you pull all of your ideas and theme into one consolidated vision through easy and transparent packages to give you the freedom (and spare budget) to fulfil it. 

Kel will listen to your ideas and create an Event Design Style Guide that reflects what you want your event to look like and will be the perfect visual companion during meetings with suppliers. The key to a visually complementary event is to have a coordinated approach to each of the design elements and this is what the Style Guide will offer you. 

After a background questionnaire followed by a full consultation which can be done in person or virtually dependant on location, Kel will produce a completely bespoke Event Design Style Guide full of moodboards, detail ideas and DIY suggestions that will give you the tools, visual aids and power to take to your suppliers to transform your vision into the ultimate celebration.


Kel works as a Creative Designer and Stylist on shoots for publications and brands, either by styling and photographing products in her own setting as a Content Creator or as a Stylist on location. Read More