You know when there’s a room that could do with an overhaul, like your bathroom, but you savour your family holidays and sanity more?

Well this year we’ve thrown all plans out of the window for a new bathroom and garden in favour of quality family time away and not having builders in and out of the house after the upheaval with our kitchen last year. (see our choices and the results here)

Soooooo, we did a bathroom update which I’m not kidding took an evening, using these dalmatian dot decals on the walls and few new gold accessories. I LOVE IT! Don’t get me wrong, I’d replace the brown tiles immediately if I could change them just as easily, but these few little updates have breathed new life into the bathroom and will help us (me) be less impatient for a new one.

Here it is before:

The decals arrive in sheets and they are so easy to apply. A whole lot easier than wallpaper. We’ve put large gold and pink polka dot decals in our daughter’s bedroom and they’re also really effective.

One piece of advice is to order more than you think you will need. I ordered 1040, thought I’d have some left over and used them all. You can order between 520 and 3120 and the dots are between 1cm and 2cm.

Don’t they look gorgeous?! I’m of the opinion that bathrooms and cloakrooms are the place to be a bit more adventurous with decor because you don’t really spend that much time in them.

We decided on navy blue dots as opposed to black because our walls are a very pale blue rather than white and we thought black may look too harsh. There are actually 49 colours to choose from so the world is your oyster.

A new gold mirror with a wavy pattern from Homesense mimics the markings on the towel hook:

I fell in love with this bee hook and had to have it! You can order it from here.

By adding artwork which introduces the dotty pattern as well as picks up the blush pink towels from Homesense, it pulls the scheme together and acts as a bit of a distraction from the brown tiles:

I already had the artwork but you can find lots of similar abstract art here and search by type plus colours which is really helpful.

I’m a huge fan of apothecary jars and lighting a gorgeous smelling candle while in the bath is a must, right?! Diptyque candles are the ultimate luxury and you can view a huge range here.

These storage baskets are wipeable and so are perfect for this room. We use them to store our shampoos and shower gels in and have the remaining one from the set of three by the sink for our toothbrushes and toothpaste.

I designed this ‘why hello’ artwork myself after being inspired on Pinterest using the easy online editing programme Picmonkey. For someone who hasn’t got to grips with InDesign and the like, it’s perfect! I can do everything I want to do on it, including editing pictures and creating things like invitations.

The two fonts used are actually my Oh So Kel brand fonts, because I love ’em together!

I’m thinking I might share the artwork as a free download in black and navy incase any of you want it in your home too. What do you think?

I switched the flower colour to blush and brought in a blush glass jar which I had in the loft from a previous house.

And that was literally it! A quick update in one evening which has changed the way we feel about the space and didn’t cost the earth.

I’m not 100% happy with how the photographs have turned out to be honest. I tried and tried but the light coming through the window caused me problems! You get the gist though.

My Pinterest board on dalmatian dots has more ideas on using this pattern too:


Please tag @ohsokel and use #OSKinspired on Instagram if you do a dotty update after seeing this post. I’d love to see the results!Until next time,OSK xx

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