As I’ve mentioned in my Kitchen Reveal and post on Transitional style I love using a neutral palette in my home then building on it with interesting textures, metallics and details that I often create myself. And one aim of Oh So Kel is to help you do the same!

So I want to share how I created this beautiful abstract art piece for the banquette area of our kitchen. This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this and I have to admit, I’m so chuffed with how it turned out! Because it’s ‘abstract’ you don’t have to be too particular and if you don’t like part of it you can just add more layers until you are.

You will need


Brushes. It’s good to buy a pack of varying sizes

Impasto Paste. Optional but adds great texture to your piece

Acrylic paint. A selection of smaller tubes in a range of colours plus a larger amount of white

Colour palette mixer or something like an old tile

– Gold and silver leaf orgold and silver leaf flakes. I personally like the texture of flakes

PVA glue

– A large oilcloth or similar to protect your surface

– Cardboard or something similar with straight edges to drag the paint

– Baby wipes. Always handy!

How to

First create a space to work in with reasonable light and away from little ones and paws! You’ll need to leave it there to dry (or move it awkwardly to safety!).

Rather than completely winging it, I would recommend having an intention of sorts, whether it be the colour palette or style; I used the cushions from my kitchen as I wanted everything to tie in in this space.

Next you have a few options; add the impasto paste and wait for it to dry (which I did), or if you don’t have the patience or time you can mix the paste in with the paint or not use it at all if you don’t feel the need for extra texture (the metallic flakes & paint brush strokes do this anyway).

Again you have two options when it comes to the metallic detail; I added this first then painted, but found I needed to add more at the end anyway so you could skip this step.

Now for the exciting part! Adding your paint! I mixed the colours in my palette to start with, referring back to my cushion, then blobbed it onto the acrylic, (you could blob straight from the tube onto the acrylic if you don’t have a specific colour palette in mind) added blobs of white, then used my brush to smear it in different directions, adding more colours to build up the layers and depth. For interest (and ease) I then used some old cardboard to drag the paint in different directions.

I faffed for a while and stood back to admire my work before deciding that more metallic leaf and some strokes of darker colours were needed.

Et voila, a finished masterpiece!

Now, we’ve hung it on the wall and I blooming love it, but one thing I still can’t decide is whether to make a frame for it to hide the brush marks that have gone down the sides? I went online and found forums discussing exactly that but there doesn’t seem to be a general ‘rule’, even for professionals. Some colour wash the edges, some frame it and some (even professionals) leave it as I have done.

What do you think? Does it look unfinished like this or is it ‘part of the art’?

After this project my daughter was desperate to paint one as well and it turned out really well!

Please tag @ohsokel and use #OSKinspired on if you create something after reading this post. I’d love to see the results!

Until next time.


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