Here in the UK it feels like we’re only just starting to fully embrace Halloween. Growing up we never decorated for the event, nor did I see anyone else do it, and if we were lucky (not sure my parents would agree!) we’d get a couple of trick or treaters.

With two young children who are excited about getting all dressed up…who am I kidding…and a mummy who is excited about dressing them up and embracing the event, this will be the first year we’ve actually decorated for Halloween, and I couldn’t be more excited! Something tells me my hubby is a tad excited too as he suggested we host a party, but let that be our secret.

When it came to a ‘theme’ I didn’t want to scare the living daylights out of them or their friends, so a Day of the Dead theme seems perfect because of its vibrancy and lack of ‘blood and gore’, do you agree? (I hope so, as I’ve bought all the stuff now!) It can be quite a chic theme too and I thought well, why can’t Halloween be vibrant and chic?

The history of Day of the Dead, if you’re interested, is a holiday celebrated in Mexico which prays for and remembers family and friends who have died, and helps support their spiritual journey. I like this concept, because rather than focussing on ghosts and ghouls that come back to haunt you, this is more of a celebration which feels more comfortable when there are young children involved.

By introducing lots of bright orange and purple plus flowers, this definitely feels like a celebration, and don’t you just love the photo booth props I picked up?

My Pinterest board has some wonderful ideas for dressing up, decor and throwing a party: